Zack Martino effortlessly mixes electronic and pop punk in ‘Snow White’



Just released from the release of the piano house single “Not Enough”, Staten Island’s Zack Martino comes back to Armada imprint and its roots with “White as snow” with Kyle reynolds. Merging house with touches of Zack Martino’s punk influence, the new version is a tribute to the artist’s musical past, present and future. Widely known for his contagious dance anthems, Zack Martino shines once again with this exhilarating summer adventure available now on all platforms.

Paired with Kyle Reynolds’ hypnotic flair, “Snow White” blends pulsating synths with an invigorating electric guitar seasoning. Beating hearts with a catchy bassline and a dash of percussive elements, “Snow White” perfectly bridges the gap between electronics and rock. Doubly the perfect post-breakup song as well as an exciting party soundtrack, “Snow White” sparkles with its undeniably addicting beat and carefree ardor. Team up with the producer Roseau Hoeschler (Rightfield), Zack Martino and Kyle Reynolds create a modern punk anthem for the 21st century.

“This record is about falling in love with someone who is just not ready for a relationship,” says Zack Martino on his new single. “It’s a toxic story about how a girl wants to fit in when she loses sight of reality.”

Stream “Snow White” below on Spotify, or here on your favorite platform. Be sure to stay tuned because on Monday, August 30, the music video for “Snow White” drops in full.


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