Yard Act, Mystic Peach, No Deal Disco, Austerity


All-new, vibrant and mind-blowing promotional videos for the upcoming releases of four big new English groups:

Court Act, Mystical fishing, No Deal Disco, Austerity

Don’t look at this, look at this!

So much good new music, so little space and time to talk to you about it … so here are four new English bands with no connection to each other, other than the fact that at least one of them could end up becoming your ‘new favorite band’.

Court Act

are emerging as one of the most popular Outsider Indie bands and judging by the reception already given to the flagship video and song for the upcoming album, they seem genuinely poised to become the response of the post-pandemic generations. at the fall. (a comparison they’ll be fed up with, if they haven’t already!)

their feverishly anticipated debut album, The Overload, is slated for release on January 7, 2022 via Zen FC and also shared the record’s flagship single of the same name alongside its backing video of James Slater.

The Overload is a political record, but in the same way all great observations of human nature are – a messy, complex, and knowingly hypocritical snapshot of our current state of affairs.

Covering 11 entirely new tracks, The Overload is a record filled with the inimitable spirit, musical dexterity and tasteful preservation of Yard Act. Sprinkled with the band’s signature black humor and self-conscious cynicism, The Overload pokes fun at society without ever straying from a place of superiority.

A brilliant video and song, a future indie disco dancefloor-filler. Glad to see a well placed 12 inch ‘Hersham Boys’ for 50p!

Pre-order Yard Act ‘overload’

Mystical fishing

The Southampton group probably will. Mystic Peach, whom I once described as a Scremage Daydream, in an article they and their PR managers didn’t seem to like for the slogan’s implicit violence. The upcoming EP is a swirling self-absorbing sequel to the modern psyche and they’re well on their way to becoming a cult, placebo-sized heroism.

Hair-raising Southampton trio Mystic Peach today shared their single “She’s So Neat”, the first single from their highly anticipated debut EP M ?, which will be released on November 17, 2021, via the label and the Coast Promoters. south, Honeymooner. .

Watch the video below, shot by the group, with frontman Curtis Gale in an alien costume. “When you move away from societal pressures and follow trends, you tend to enjoy your life more. ” he says.

Download from platform of your choice

Disagree Disco

No Deal Disco is a bit of a conundrum. Self described as “Sam Robinson’s imaginary group”, a move from Portsmouth to Oxford and the addition of Lloyd Davies and One Man’s Unity has become a dynamic duo.

Sam has a lovely hard, croony voice and they play modern, inventive rock. The politics of everyday life seem to have stepped in and inspired the songs (Nationalism is a gateway drug, charity begins at home …) and took things to the next level.

Singing about everything from dodgy politicians and consumerism, to misplaced pride and relentless hope, No Deal Disco has a lot to say and pulls no punches.

The only coverage they’ve received so far, posted on their bandcamp, was a dismissive “Far From The Original, Sounds Like Interpol and Brainiac” by Andrew Fearn of Sleaford Mods. For some reason they remind me of the brilliant Sub-Pop group Moaning.

No Deal Disco is unsigned and releases its own material and feels like a dump valve for the frustrations of a once happy dude.

Their third single is the catchy Bag for Life and there’s a new one, Class Tourist. to Spotify now and is planning an album in late 2021. They seem to get better and better with every track they release.

The no-budget video is a bit hypnotic and the song is definitely growing. It’s a group to watch.

Buy / Listen on Band Camp

No Deal Disco has a concert at the Loft in Portsmouth on thursday sept 30, 2021


When I saw Anarcho Punk Dance Party, their first album, I asked: is this the last big punk album of the decade? Or is he too dependent on the sound and ideas of 1979? And even after seeing them live again recently, I still don’t know the answer, but they are an incredibly fierce live band.

Austerity is a post-punk band from Brighton (UK) Quoting XTC, Scritti Politti and Wire as influences, but frequently compared to Gang of Four, A Certain Ratio and Fugazi… The sound of Austerity is a high-octane collision of swaggering bass and drum grooves, rough chaotic guitars and surly, bile-spitting vocals on complex political ideas, but still remaining rooted in everyday life.

Now that’s a crunchy song.

Will buy Band Camp

All the words Ged Babey

Courts Act photo by James Brown

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