Wheeler Yuta wins his ring of honor with Daniel Garcia

In case you haven’t heard, Wheeler Yuta and Daniel Garcia walked into Ring of Honor’s Death before dishonor with something to prove (more on that here). The duo faced off at IWTV 100 for the IWTV Championship in a match that ended in a 60-minute draw despite Garcia locking his Red Death submission, and although the duo did not meet in the ring for a singles match, by tag or even as a trio since, with their two interactions to come in the post-Punk Casino Battle Royal and in Blood and Guts.

And yet, you’d think the duo struggled a hundred times over with the contentiousness of their build-up to their match at Death before dishonor was, with Wheeler down bringing up the DG filming car accident that nearly killed him and Garcia flipping the ‘sports entertainment’ outlook at a company like Ring of Honor imposing unnecessary rules on their pure championship game .

And yet, you would think that Garcia was one of the brightest young stars in the wrestling world by the way he handled Yuta in their match, stealing moves from Blackpool Combat Club chief William Regal in order to drive out his enemy. .

If the match had lasted a bit longer, maybe Garcia would have left with his Kanga hat on his head and a new belt around his waist, but alas, it just wasn’t meant to be – Yuta has it came out and finished the match with a trick pin for the win. Although Garcia left the ring with reverse birds on his foe, it’s clear that this rivalry could continue in AEW for the not too distant future.

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