Wet Leg at Bermondsey Social Club


Wet Leg at Bermondsey Social Club | Live exam

September 20, 2021


Despite the lack of gigs, it’s been a great year for indie punk pop with a female front – music fans saw both Pillow Queens and, earlier this year, Dry Cleaning release more interesting debut albums than their more acclaimed male counterparts. Although they only released one single (the Lounge chair), Wet Leg aka Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers, who performed at Bermondsey Social Club on Friday night, are shaping up to be the best of the bunch.

Opening up with the relatively unknown TFOZ, It’s not funny, and your mom, Teasdale and Chambers exhibit eclectic musical sensibilities that extend beyond the obvious indie pop practitioners (they cite influences ranging from The Ronettes to Bjork), as well as a playful spirit that melts the idea that the Generation Z does not have the humor of their ancestors. your mom may be the first star, mixing their post-punk sensibilities with a space in its second half that is vaguely reminiscent of ’60s musical pioneer Joe Meek. In the hands of another group, It’s not funny might be easy surf rock to listen to, but the duo’s harmonies make it an intriguing hymn to the joys of staying.

It’s stomping Wet dream, however, things really start, and viewers become very happy that they didn’t take It’s not funnythe advice of and stay on the couch. With its guitar lines on, its call-and-answer vocals and its yelled chorus of “touch yourself”, it sounds a bit like It’s Blitz!-ere Yeah Yeah Yeah. During this time, Supermarket describes with typical wit the strangeness of regaining life and love after the pandemic.

Ultimately, however, the conclusion of the concert (and possibly the future hit) Angelic, a catchy but somewhat dreamy track, is what leaves listeners convinced that Wet Leg can rock with the best of them.

It is Lounge chair – the only track Wet Leg newbies are likely to have heard, as the only one on the streaming services thus far – everyone has come for, and it doesn’t disappoint. The song is impassive and irreverent, containing lyrics like, “Is your mother worried?” Would you like us to send someone to worry your mother? “. It’s also just a great song, the titular chorus of which will undoubtedly be sung in college parties and independent clubs by the group’s generational contemporaries.

In conclusion, Wet Leg is perhaps the most exciting new act since the pandemic put a damper on live music – and that’s praise given that they’re just the latest to emerge in a scene that seems poised to thrive.

Mark Worgan

For more information and future events visit the Wet Leg website here.

Watch the video of the single Lounge chair here:

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