Watch Gizpel’s animated music video for new single, ‘Glides’


Indonesian post-punk band Gizpel have released ‘Glides’, their new single for Kolibri Rekords.

The track arrives as the final track after the release of two tracks in April, “Surrender On Your Spell”.

‘Glides’ is propelled by its immediate bassline, but everything else in the song is watery and dreamy. Vocalist and bassist Fadillah Ananto buries his voice deep in the mix, while the group’s jangly guitars radiate clarity.

The single itself sets off a slightly different direction for the band, somewhere between classic indie pop and frozen coldwave.

His clip presents a dystopian universe and hybrid animal-human characters conceptualized by Fraw, an artist and friend of Gizpel.

On the comic book-inspired account of the song, the group wrote on Instagram: “’GLIDES’ is a time of the near dystopian future where a disastrous experience resulted. [in] the creation of four humanoid mutants. A time when they crossed paths and decided to write their own truths and stories.

Watch the video here:

Gizpel was formed in 2012 and has since released an EP, “Short Distance” from 2015, along with a small batch of unique tracks. Last year, the group released ‘309’, a song in collaboration with singer-songwriter Bin Idris.

Gizpel consists of Ananto with Joshua Damanik (guitars), Raka Prayuga (synths) and Alit Wedhantara (drums).

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