Watch ‘Dead City Punx’ teach us how to reverse an opioid overdose with NARCAN (video)

Dead City Punxthe Los Angeles graffiti crew who became one of our city’s rowdiest punk bands for their backyard generator gigs, wrote songs about the ravages of drug addiction and lives lost in the past.

Now the band has teamed up with Feed the streets to help the public prevent unnecessary deaths from opioid overdose in a short but informative video. As deaths from synthetic opioid fentanyl hit record high in Los Angeles in 2021, with the latest milestone of overdose deaths rising consecutively every year for the past seven years, the message doesn’t come a moment too late.

The video first offers a “Trigger Warning” for content before telling viewers: “This video aims to raise awareness of fentanyl overdoses and how to administer NARCAN.

NARCAN is a medicine in the form of a nasal spray that can be given to block opiates and reverse the effects of an overdose. The group says Feed the Streets will also be at Dead City shows to hand out NARCAN, along with test strips, as the deadly fentanyl is increasingly found in a variety of drugs.

Three veterans of the comedy scene were killed on the same evening in Venice last September after sharing fentanyl-enhanced cocaine, unbeknownst to consumers. Just one of many examples of people unknowingly ingesting fentanyl instead of the narcotics they were looking for.

The video shows the band acting out a story, where they hang out backstage before a show. When four members part ways to get more beers, the band’s guitarist stays behind, sneaking a bolsita out of his socks and smearing three lines of white powder.

After sniffing them, he smokes a little, drinks a little, then passes out on the couch. The band members return to find him foaming from the mouth. A homie tries to wake him up and, finding him unresponsive, does the smart thing and grabs some NARCAN, sticking it in his sick friend’s nostril until he’s revived.

check it out:

The video was brought to our attention by legendary photographer and LA TACO veteran Erwin “Los Ojos de Muerte” Recinos, and is followed by helpful comments explaining how someone who is being administered NARCAN should always seek medical attention because an overdose can still occur. .

It is far from being In the Reagan era, drug war ads were used by many of us in the old days. A more sober look at the realities of excess. And it’s sure to be more effective at preventing inevitable overdoses and ruin in those who don’t “just say no.”

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