Vermont Trio Thus Love Sign to Captured Tracks, Drop ‘Inamorato’

So Love, a budding post-punk trio from Brattleboro, Vermont, signed with Captured Tracks and released their first single with independent label “Inamorato.” The track will appear on the band’s debut album, which is due out this fall.

“Inamorato” combines fast drums, a lush, driving bassline, and guitar arpeggios whose reverb-soaked shimmer is layered with just the right amount of distorted grit. Written at the start of the pandemic, the song finds Thus Love struggling with dark thoughts and aiming to stay creative; this darker undercurrent shines through in some of the eerie touches of the accompanying music video – directed by Eleanor Harmon and Brigid Kennison – but the clip remains largely exuberant, capturing Thus Love in the throes of a wild outdoor performance .

‘Inamorato’ was a knee-jerk response to the first three months of Covid – our attempt to deal with the uncertainty,” said singer/guitarist Echo Mars rolling stone. “Like everyone, I think, we were afraid of losing touch with our creative drive. This song reminds us to keep exploring how we feel.

So Love reunited in 2018, providing a creative and community outlet for all three members, who are trans. “To us, Thus Love is so much more than a band,” Mars added in a statement. “We all come from small towns without a lot of people like us, and it wasn’t until we got to Brattleboro and started playing music together that we found a community that truly called our own. .”

So Love has a handful of tour dates planned for this spring, including an upcoming set at the New Colossus Festival, which takes place in New York City from March 9-13. After that, they will perform in Burlington, Vermont on April 2, Greenfield, Massachusetts on April 7, and perform at the Walking Windows Festival, May 13-15 in Winooski, Vermont.

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