Vengaboys: Our dream is to do a great tour of India, which is not limited to the cities



Of We love to party To Boom boom boom To We are going to Ibiza, pop group Vengaboys are credited with giving the party anthems in the ’90s era, and as they revive their catchy tunes, the Dutch group is eager to bring the party back to India, which they consider as their “second homeland”.

Rotterdam-based musical group Eurodance includes Captain Kim (Kim Sasabone), Partygirl D’nice (Denise Post-Van Rijswijk), Cowboy Donny (Donny Latupeirissa) and Sailorboy Robin (Robin Pors). It was in 2019 when they first crossed borders and created a buzz in India.

“Our first visit to India changed our lives. Most of the time, Americans like to call Europe “the old world”. But to be honest, from the first moment we set foot on Indian soil, we knew: India has always been there and always will be, ”Captain Kim tells us, adding:“ You feel everything in the country. India feels like our second home. If you want to call us the Bharat Boys, you can because it’s the truth ”.

Here, Cowboy Donny steps in to explain how Indian culture inspired the group, who recently released a cover of Charli’s single XCX and Troye Sivan, 1999 (I Wanna Go Back), with a sprinkle of their branded Eurodance vibe.

“We grew up in the Netherlands and there have always been many places where we came into contact with Indian culture. Many Indians – mostly Hindus – live in the Netherlands via Suriname, a former Dutch colony. So we went to school with people who have Indian roots, ”shares a proud Cowboy Donny.

“We have of course many Indian restaurants which are very popular, but also traditional Indian fashion items found their place many years ago in the Netherlands. In fact, we would love to record our hits in the Indian language, so if there’s someone out there willing to help us, hit us up on our social media, ”he adds.

Formed in 1996, Vengaboys introduced a new trend in the music world, dominated by flamboyant costumes, flashy makeup, energetic beats, and a lively twist to party numbers. The Vengaboys’ jukebox came to a standstill when the band broke up in the 2000s, but they got over the lull when the band reunited in 2007. Since then, they’ve been quite frequent with the music. , while also taking breaks.

Besides Pors, the group is made up of Donny Latupeirissa, Denise Post-Van Rijswijk and Kim Sasabone. “At a party I once saw a guy with this fat ass tattoo on his back reading; “No regrets (regrets) which was probably one of the funniest I’ve seen,” says Sailor Robin to sum up their trip.

Now they want to come back to India for a tour soon. “As soon as we can. Some of our most memorable shows were in India. Thanks to everyone who was there. Our dream is to do a great tour so that we have time to meet everyone all over the country. instead of being limited to the big cities, ”concludes Party girl D-Nice.


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