Universal Music Group China Inks partners with Buick

Photo credit: Karsten Gaertner

Universal Music Group China signs an all-new partnership with Buick and releases a “brand-inspired song.”

Universal Music Group for Brands (UMGB China), the brand partnerships division of UMG, announced that it has signed an agreement with leading automaker Shanghai General Motors Buick (Buick) for a collaboration that will be the first of its kind. The companies launched an original Buick-inspired music project titled “Guang Zhi Suo Xiang (Where Light Lives)”, featuring Liu Lingfei, which was released worldwide on Republic Records China.

Buick officially debuted the song at its Buick Owners Day 2022 event in late August, while the music video was released on September 5. Buick dedicated the song to its drivers, with the video depicting the lives of Buick owners and the pride of their Buick ownership.

Liu Lingfei, the performer of the song, is a major actor in Chinese musical theatre. He has performed in dozens of musicals, including the original Chinese musical “White Night”, “The Lost World”, the Broadway musical “Cats” and “The Changeling Doctor”.

“Buick and UMGB China are both dedicated to building a stage for outstanding musical performances that can resonate with people. The co-creation of the theme song explores the possibility of harnessing music as a powerful medium to connect with targeted audiences,” said Aaron Wang, CFO and Head of Brand Partnerships for UMG Greater China.

“We are excited to help Buick infuse its brand concept through music and create culturally relevant, artist-driven content that will resonate with current and future Buick owners in China.”

This agreement marks the first collaboration between the two global brands. The collaboration spans the spectrum of in-app marketing, with personalization of music release, artist endorsement, and creative visuals paving the way for online and offline events. The companies are also planning a series of publicity stunts in addition to a vinyl release of “Guang Zhi Suo Xiang (Where Light Lives)”.

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