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[Photos by Ashely Osborn]

With Alternative press number 400, we are celebrating a milestone for the magazine. AP has continued to change with the times, keeping in touch with the evolution of music and culture in general. However, we have never forgotten our commitment to defend “New Music Now”. In many ways, this question goes back to our roots. As always, we insist on moving forward.

This month, beloved AP cover stars twenty-one pilots make their comeback. They are joined by Let go, SLOW MOTION, See you later, space cowboy and many other artists. As always, we continue to highlight the larger culture that makes up the Alternate World. The magazine highlights a number of multi-talented musicians such as the skating legend /Urethane guitarist Steve caballero, avenged sevenfold singer/TVN lawyer Mr. Shadows and H2O leader/podcaster Toby Morse.

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In TØP’s latest cover, the duo of Tyler joseph and Josh dun talked to Maria Sherman about everything from their early years to the present day. Swarm by the inimitable Ashley Osborn, the cover has four variations, all of which capture the band’s personality and energy.

One of the main talking points was TØP’s latest album, Chipped and glazed, released in May. The project was born out of the forced isolation of the Covid-19 pandemic. One would expect the record to reflect the very reasonable uncertainty that many artists felt at the time.

Resisting the temptation to lean into negativity, they have built a vibrant and uplifting album. The project goes against a pervasive sense of hopelessness that can sometimes seem overwhelming. It shows that there is light at the end of the tunnel, both for the group and for those of us who yearn for contact with the outside world.

During the interview, the band also revealed the hard work that has defined their careers from the start, infusing every song they write. They also returned to their deep love of Ohio, a favorite subject for Columbus, Ohio natives and our own Cleveland-born magazine. (“I was born and raised in Ohio. I’ve loved it my whole life,” Dun reveals.)

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Above all, the discussion revealed the emotional depth that fuels the group on each project.

“When you create something, you want to make sure that you are always committed to reality,” explains Joseph. “Even if you venture deep into this abyss, tie a rope around your waist. [You] keep it attached to where you came from. These characters and the things we are talking about; I can not not talk about something that I personally experience. This person setting right here wearing this jacket, this no one – “he slaps his chest” – also goes through everything that is written. In some ways there is evasion, but I like to believe that all of these themes are linked to reality. “

“It’s really important for Tyler and I to create and release music that we would listen to and listen to and that we would love,” adds Dun. “It’s something I don’t know if a lot of bands do. “Is this something that I would personally put in my car?” Would I appreciate that? Would I show my friends? ‘ All of the songs ultimately pass this test for both of us.

Also in this issue:
  • AltPress highlights some of our favorite covers from our early years to the present day. We also hear from the creative minds who helped get our photoshoots off the page.
  • Knocked Loose tells us about their surprise EP A tear in the fabric of life and why they went even further into seclusion to do so, recording the project in a cabin in the Smoky Mountains.
  • Lindsey Jordan, the mind behind Snail Mail, reveals how she battled the ‘sophomore crisis’ with her new album, Valentine.
  • After storming Britain, IDLES reveals vision for next album Crawling and why they don’t want to be locked up by the “punk band” label.
  • The singer of SeeYouSpaceCowboy Connie sgarbossa recalls her roots in the hardcore scene, how she forged her own identity as a transgender woman within the genre and how the band The novel of affliction pushes back the ways in which we idealize struggle and pain.

Plus, get to know your new favorite artists Children’s bookbook, Static dress, Holly Humberstone and more.

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