Triple Topping Announces New Dead Pets Unleashed Game


Indie developer and publisher Triple Topping revealed today that they have a brand new game on the way with Unleashed Dead Animals. This game centers around being in a punk rock band where their story reaches a fork in the road where they make one last push to become a major player or face the music and grow. The game has launched a Kickstarter to obtain funding, as well as a playable demo on Steam to help promote the game. Additionally, there will be a playable demo at Booth Indie Arena at Gamescomif you happen to be at the event next week.

Credit: Triple Trim

Unleashed Dead Animals follows punk rock band Dead Pets, who have been on the music scene for a decade. Set in the world of Ether, Gordy and the group live in New Void City. An entirely new world, the planet is inhabited by different species of demons. Players will decide if Gordy, the band’s lead singer, will follow through on her big plans to get the band’s big break or decide to put the childish things away after she turns 30. Although the game deals with heavy subjects, Unleashed Dead Animals will take players through several fun slice-of-life mini-games, allow them to listen to a real punk rock EP played live during gameplay, and participate in Gordy’s daily schedule to determine the future of the band.

Inspired by Bojack Horseman cartoons and the colorful, surreal worlds of Tuca and Bertie, complicated adult friendships and wacky, quirky humor. In his heart, Unleashed Dead Animals is a game about friendship. The group have been friends for a very long time, and the game explores how to deal with old friendships that take different paths. Being a band, the music is extremely important to the game. However, the punk rock music in the game is not too heavy and is meant to be enjoyed by everyone with other musical genres also intertwined in the game. You can listen to the full Dead Pet single featured in the trailer, I Own My Smile. Inspired by girl-fronted punk bands like Bikini Kill and Bratmobile, I Own My Smile is Gordy’s ode to catcallers.

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