Trees Speak merges krautrock with post-punk


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25 October 2021



Building on “the cosmic nocturnal magic of Arizona’s natural desert landscapes”.

Trees Speak is releasing a new album, titled Vertigo of blemishes, via Soul Jazz Records in November.

Throughout the album, the group draws inspiration from elements of krautrock, post-punk and psychedelia, incorporating police sirens, static noise, and ’70s synths.

Vertigo of blemishes features contributions from Gabriel Sullivan, Ben Nisbet, Saul Millan, Stephani Guilmette and Davis Jones.

It follows their last album – PostHuman – which was released on Soul Jazz earlier this year.

Pre-order Vertigo of blemishes here ahead of its November 26 release, check out the artwork and tracklist below.

List of tracks:

1. Seventh mirror
2. Cyber ​​dreams
3. Interference
4. Computer garden
5. Pyramid
6. Halide crystals
7. Integrator
8. Imaginary forces
9. Phantom LFO
10. Optics
11. Mannequin
12. The Spirit in Light
13. Palantir
14. Vertigo of blemishes
15. Discharge syndrome
16. Stasi
17. Atomic travel
18. Ultraviolet


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