The Sound Records Review: Baad Acid releases long-awaited EP



New release of the week:

Baad Acid – Aboo / Son

The first vinyl release from this beloved local band is coming to Sound Records – so far only available direct from Baad Acid or during their last concerts – and we’re delighted the new EP has made it.

To celebrate, we’re making it our “new release of the week”.

Dancing, at times hypnotic and psychedelic post-punk is the order of the day here, and it’s performed with aplomb, as anyone who has seen Baad Acid live for the past few years will attest.

Those who have seen them are also familiar with the four tracks here, which were superbly recorded, mixed and mastered by Gyp Buggane at Ballagroove Studios.

‘Aboo / Sound’ is both a document on how the band has evolved so far and a launching pad from which they will jump into their next phase of development.

At Sound Records, we’re excited to see where this leads.

By Ed Oldham

Selection of sound recordings of the week:

DC Fountains – at Kilmainham Prison

If you ever had to pick a more iconic and appropriate performance space for Irish punk band Fontaines DC, you’d be hard pressed to find a better one than the former prison and home of the inmate Irish rebels, Kilmainham Gaol.

Lyrics that are currently listening to the struggles of today, linked to a raw and rock group, this is what makes the music of Fontaines so heroic; and hearing it in the prison with the echoes and stillness, you can feel the building’s turbulent past within the group’s passion, with an energy exploding through the mic.

This performance is important for a band whose standards continue to rise with every piece of music released for our flattering ears to enjoy.

An excellent performance, now available in vinyl format only as part of the special Record Store Day releases.

By Jack Doyle

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