The Kentucky School of Bluegrass & Traditional Music auditorium named after the Osborne brothers

HYDEN, Ky. (WYMT) – After the entire school semester ended on Monday, the name of the Kentucky School of Bluegrass & Traditional Music auditorium was unveiled as the “Osborne Brothers Auditorium” .

“It’s a tribute to them,” said John Newell, Leslie County Magistrate and friend of the Osborne family. “They gave us; we give them back.

The space was originally a gymnasium in the old Hyden Elementary School, but was later transformed into an auditorium when the Kentucky School of Bluegrass & Traditional Music opened in 2007. The space never had official name so far.

The Leslie County Tax Court, Hazard Community and Technical College, Town of Hyden all came together and named the hall the Osborne Brothers Auditorium in recognition of a career, arguably the most famous brother of the ‘history of Bluegrass music,’ said Dean Osborne, Kentucky Director of Bluegrass & Traditional Music, and cousin of the Osborne brothers.

Those behind the event said the timing was perfect given the proximity of Bobby Osborne’s 90th birthday. They also wanted to honor the late Sonny Osborne, who died at the end of October.

Bobby Osborne was present. He performed alongside the students of the ensemble and was present at the ceremony to witness the unveiling. During the ceremony, Osborne also received a key to the city of Hyden.

“I don’t think it really marked him until we unveiled the sign and he looked at the Osborne Brothers Auditorium, the name and what that meant to the community, I think he was very moved, ”said Dean Osborne. . “His first comment was that he wished his brother was there to enjoy it, and I’m sure he’s out there.”

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