The Ducks “Brighton-Based Death for Traditional Rock Absurdists”

We say

The Ducks are a gorgeous Brighton-based duo who have honed the scuzzy bass Death To Trad Rock stuff to annoyed perfection.

Throwing dear old Blighty’s scuzzy mess back at the listener, they’re angry but steeped in absurdity and dark humor. Armed with this collage of rancid ideas and a keen eye for delving into a very British trashy aesthetic, they’re a cut-and-paste DIY of contemporary culture and ugly Ug.

Somehow they’re also utterly captivating and smart enough to create invigorating and thrilling bursts of anti-social noise that dive deep into Britain’s trash can and return with brief high-pitched shocks. of sound storytelling. They are the new poison of the human machine and their disagreement is of rare beauty in these turbulent times. They came armed with an angry artistic aesthetic, brilliant, unsettling videos, and the kind of pop/scorched-earth noise energy that runs through Johnson’s awkward Britain’s fake bonhomie.

Of course we love them!

They say

We are the ducks of Brighton. A bizarre, absurd and unique post-punk 2. The bargain soundtrack for broken Britain.

We are releasing the first single ‘Pipes’ on September 1st from our debut album.

The Ducks, a bizarre, absurd, anti-social and aggressive trio from the gentrified shores of Brighton. The bargain soundtrack for broken Britain. “Obscurantism is pushed to its natural limit, then a little further. Also reminding me of Frauds who share a similar lyrical view of the world with an emphasis on the mundane and small but twisted for your enjoyment, The Ducks lurk in those fetid outbacks, whispering not-so-sweet nothings in your ear if you get close. too. ” – Connected in Brighton “I wish I had been in The Ducks” – Colonel Gaddafi.



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