‘The Bachelor’, AMC and others who stood out on social media – Pasadena Star News


The crowd might have been smaller than usual for the 2022 Rose Parade, but the flower-covered floats marching down Colorado Blvd drew great impressions from the people watching at the house.

With familiar tanks like Trader Joe’s and first-time tanks like “The Bachelor,” these are the ones we talked about the most on social media. But first, here’s a general rundown of this year’s floating order:

These are the top five floating moments, according to Twitter.

1. The float “The Bachelor” made its Rose Parade debut with an appearance by new bachelor of the season, Clayton Echard and new host Jesse Palmer. The float is a scaled-down version of the exotic Villa De La Vina, where the show is filmed. It sparked confusion on social media.

2. AMC’s “We Make Movies Better” float recreated a movie theater, with a functioning big screen showing a few trailers from 2022. It received praise not only on social media, but also on those who watched the parade in person.

3. Halfway through the parade, there was a performance of “Born on the Bayou” from the Hot 8 Brass Band and singer Laine Hardy, who won Season 17 of “American Idol”. Hardy was aboard the Louisiana “Feed Your Soul” tank which impressed Twitter users.

4. The Masked Singer tank, “Anything Can Happen”, also made a strong impression for its theme, but most notably an appearance by singer Dionne Warwick, with a fun moment filmed.

5. And finally, Reese’s University, “Chocolate. Peanut Butter. Success. ”Twitter users had an interest in attending the fictitious college.


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