Sufjan Stevens calls on all bands to break up after decade together

Sufjan Stevens called on all groups to go their separate ways after ten years together during her year-end roundup.

Writing on Tumblr, Stevens has listed her favorite and least favorite albums from 2021 – although most of the entries aren’t real albums, and the majority of those that are haven’t been released this year.

Topping Stevens’ list of worst albums of 2021 was Netflix’s hit show Squid game. “I haven’t really seen it but it looks really stupid,” he wrote before rating it F-.

Also on Steven’s list of his least favorite albums was The matrix 4 (“Ugh. Computers. Hackers. Cyberpunks. Simulated Reality. The 90s. The Color Green”), Dune (“A really long Zara ad”) and everything Marvel has posted, Stevens explaining that “if it’s on Disney +, it’s for the kids.”

As far as music goes, Stevens isn’t a fan of ’90s revival (“Please. It was bad enough the first time”), musicals (“Please stop singing and dance “) or from Adele’s latest album” 30 “. “Girl, please. We know you are 33 years old. It’s on your Wikipedia page, ”he wrote.

Stevens also doesn’t like bands that have been together for over a decade. “Any band that’s still together after ten years – Please. To break up. Make your solo albums. Come on. “

As for Sufjan Stevens’ favorite 2021 albums, he listed Peter Gabriel’s 2002 album “Up”, Ringo Starr’s “Many Of Blues” record in 1970 and Alain Goraguer’s soundtrack. The Wild Planet, released in 1973.

In November, Stevens said he thought it was time he took a break and retired from music.

Although he confirmed he has three albums on the way, Stevens said, “I think it’s time for me to take a break and take a step back, and just be. And listen.

In May, Stevens released “Convocations,” a five-volume instrumental tribute to his late father. In September, he teamed up with Angelo De Augustine for the collaborative album ‘A Beginner’s Mind’.

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