Streams: stream Fully Crazed’s new single, “Raw Powerslide”

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Victoria, BC based skate punk band Completely crazy, composed of ex-members of Dayglo Abortions and To close, have released a new single. The single is called Raw Powerslide and release their next album Off hook which was released via Cursed Blesssings Records. The band released a quote with the single that says,

“Fully Crazed was created to make people want to skate, fuck each other… or fuck each other. After years of playing in other bands, it was time to do something new while still playing. ‘sticking to the same formulas our old bands used to post. Skateboards. Venom. Drugs. GG Allin. Booze. Poison Idea, smoke dope, but keep it heavy. All members are also part of the Jaks team without any plans If you like punk rock and heavy metal mixed with your skateboard while running away from the fucking cops, then this is the fucking band for you. ”

The album was recorded by Jak Tripper, mixed by Josh Torrance and mastered by Scott Middleton of Cancer Bats and you can order it directly. here. Full Crazed released their eponymous EP in 2020. Check out the stream below.

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