Stream Hunter 505, new EP “Mood”

Sydney-based artist and producer specializing in dark-pop R&B and neo-laced modern hip-hop flavors, hunter 505’s latest EP ‘Mood’ features an artist adept at writing emotive songs as well as the creation of sound productions superimposed on tangible feelings.

Snare-tinged beats, throbbing siren-like synths and a rigorous flow with a draw feature on the opening track “Ego”, the guitar licks adding another level to the bop-erupting production. indie pop in the second half.

The pounding tribal rhythm of ‘Handle’ keeps the aggressive momentum going, the kick drum beat and bass combo infusing freshness as hunter 505’s lyrics delve into introspective territory. Kid Cudi meets 808-era Kanye feels strong on this one.

The emotional intensity is ramped up on “Before I Die” as Hunter 505 explores a post-punk, shoegazey electronic soundscape that draws inspiration from early ’80s romantic new beats laced with an electro-punk attitude.

A crisp, smooth guitar riff opens “Heart Attack” as hunter 505 fully embraces an indie rock aesthetic before dark folk-pop songwriting underscores the emotionally drenched “Natural”, hunter 505 putting all of its emotions in play with her fragile yet honest voice building confidence throughout.

Ahead of the EP ‘Mood’ being released tomorrow (May 27th), scenestr is thrilled to premiere it today. Enjoy.


I made the beat for ‘Ego’ around the original organ loop; it gave me this feeling of hateful pride; pure drama. During the first half of the song, the 505 fighter flexes, feeling self-sufficient and unstoppable.

However, this type of energy is completely self-destructive, so it was natural to develop the song’s second act by reflecting on the sadness and pity of living with such an ego. It acts as the perfect intro to “Mood”, setting the tone for deep emotional introspection.


The purpose behind “Handle” is to express the rocky uncertainty resulting from an unhealthy mind. There are really structural elements like the kick, bass and vocal melodies and rhythms, while the rest of the music moves more expressively.

The trail is menacing and murky as it swells in enormity before descending back to earth. In the end, Hunter 505 accepted this reality.

before i die

I’ve always associated the sound design of post-punk and shoegaze music with fear and despair, and so that’s exactly the energy I found on this song.

The 505 hunter begs/apologizes/pity here, just feeling miserable about everything. To punctuate the dreary guitar solo, I programmed in a relentless double-time drumbeat to heighten the urgency.

Lyrically, the 505 hunter tries to figure out how he can win himself back and find some peace. At the end of the verse, the wide synth offers a glimmer of relief before the guitars come back and take over.

heart attack

Raw emotion; raw vulnerability. The gritty guitars of “Before I Die” transition into a single-voiced punk guitar riff that acts as the song’s heartbeat.

It was important to keep the acoustic drums and vocals minimal in this one because it’s the first moment since the second act of “Ego” that the 505 hunter has ruled out all the chaos.

“Heart Attack” finds the 505 fighter awestruck, effectively falling in love. He discovered some positivity, personified by the hazel-eyed angel girl, and after she drew him in at the end of the verse, hunter 505 is now on the right track.


The final confession. Our final track is as honest as it is empowering. hunter 505 pours out his soul, details the fight he had to face, his conviction to move forward positively, and all for his ultimate goal: to make a difference in the world.

Underlying organ, clapping and bass build almost in response. The song twists and turns as if continually invigorated by its own spiritual strength. The final verse lyrics were the last lines I wrote for the entire collection.

After the expressive therapy that made up the whole project, I was determined to conclude with a piece that was as wholesome and uplifting as possible. The verse’s final lyrics sum up the song perfectly: “If you’re having trouble getting home, this is the spine you can fall back on.”

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