Squid will play Róisín Dubh from Galway in 2022


“In a time of crippling uncertainty, an absolute tonic.” This is how MOJO described the post-punk rockers Brighton Squid, who play Galway as part of their Irish tour next year.

The band, one of the most acclaimed and vaunted of recent years, will perform the Róisín Dubh on Thursday, January 22 at 8 p.m., performing songs from their debut album, Light green field.

Light green field was released via Warp Records in May, and the public and critics were unanimous in their verdict. He rose straight to number one on the UK charts, while The best fit line called it “a beginning of the ages”; The Quietus declared it, “one of the best first albums of this century”; while NME hailed it as “a dazzling start to wild experimentation”.

The band – Ollie Judge (vocals, drums), Louis Borlase (guitar, bass, vocals), Arthur Leadbetter (keyboards, strings, percussion), Laurie Nankivell (bass, brass, percussion), and Anton Pearson (guitar, bass, vocals , percussion) – let’s mention Krautrockers NEU! and 1970s British experimental rockers This Heat for inspiration.

Talk about Light green field, Ollie Judge said the record “illustrates the places, events and architecture that exist in [the album]. Previous versions were playful and were about the characters, whereas this album is darker and more concerned with location – the emotional depth of the music deepened. “

For tickets go to www.roisindubh.net See also www.singularartists.ie

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