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TikTok has partnered with Spotify to give eligible members of the TikTok community four free months of Spotify Premium in the UK.

The offer will also be available in six other European markets for three or four months of free Spotify Premium depending on the market. It targets millions of potential new customers for Spotify.

The move brings together two giants of the streaming economy – the established leader in the audio streaming market and the burgeoning shorthand video app. It also reflects an increasingly symbiotic relationship between the two platforms, with TikTok helping to drive streaming consumption and Spotify’s vast catalog seeding the video app with potential music content.

Offer is available to eligible users aged 18 and over with a TikTok profile in UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland and Turkey, and who have not yet subscribed to Spotify Premium. Eligible people will receive a unique code that will allow them to take advantage of the Spotify Premium offer.

TikTok users can find the offer on their “For You” and “Discover” pages, on a profile icon on the “Me” page, by searching for “Spotify” on TikTok, or by clicking the required link from their devices. mobile.

David Nunez, Head of Growth, Europe at TikTok, said: “TikTok is a sound and immersive experience, with music at the heart of how people create and interact with content on the platform. We are delighted to make this offer. with Spotify Premium to our community, helping them enjoy even more of the artists and songs they’ve known on TikTok. “

Marc Hazan, Vice President, Global Head of Premium Business Development at Spotify, said, “As the world’s leading audio streaming service, we are delighted to offer eligible TikTok users in multiple markets access to the entire music and podcasts they love anytime, anywhere. Spotify connects artists and listeners in ways that were not possible before, creating a diverse community of music fans driven by discovery and inspiration. We are proud to introduce TikTok’s enthusiastic and growing user base to the many benefits of Spotify Premium: millions of songs and – free, on-demand and offline. “

Subscribers can click here to read Anya Du Sauzay, Parlophone Marketing Manager, on the power of TikTok for artists and labels.

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