Son surprises musician dad with lost music from his old band

If your relative was in a band before you were born and you’re looking for the perfect gift, you might want to consider what TikTok user Mateo (@fuegotao) did.

Mateo explains in voiceover: “My dad’s birthday was coming up and I wanted to do something special for him. He loves music and was in a few bands and so on. [He] ended up losing all his music over the years and haven’t heard it since he recorded it in 1992, so about 30 years ago.

He continued: “I looked, dug online, found [an album] somehow and i had it shipped to my house… i tried [transferring the cassette to an MP3] myself. It didn’t come out too hot, so I ended up taking it to an audio master, mastered it, and that’s me uploading it to Spotify, Apple, all the good stuff… It’s my father’s reaction here.

Mateo’s dad is clearly stunned and can’t believe he’s hearing his music again while driving the car. It’s really a sweet and touching video. Kudos to Mateo for the incredibly thoughtful gift and sharing the idea with the world. We are sure there are many other children who will try to do the same for their own parents.

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