Skeletal Remains bring their new and improved death metal to The Sheep | Music

Los Angeles’ Skeletal Remains will be terribly thrashing at The Black Sheep on Saturday.

Do you hear those fireworks? Do you smell “freedom” and hot dogs? It’s probably because the 4th of July weekend has already arrived. The fourth lands on a Monday this year and the lineup of shows leading up to the big day should get you ready for that long weekend.

It all starts at vultures Thursday, June 30, with Philadelphia title of the sun. They have a great melodic sound that incorporates shoegaze with emo – and they’re polished and loud. Joining Suntitle will be To relate, me and mine and Dark. Next to The black sheepthe roof will shake with Fort Worth’s alternative rock The unlikely candidates and the one in Denver Modern suspects.

The following evening, Friday July 1st, Vultures will host a pop punk beach party with Texas’ Van full of nuns with other texans parties at home and the Chicago one Master plan. You can catch indie rock from Wildermiss, Juno Rossa and Husbands at The Sheep, or head to Triple Nickel and see New Mexico Montero side with Fresh fruit and same guy. studios of the sun will knock you out bully partya local metal show with Seven days wasted, second rider, no amnesty, burn the fields and procession of evil.

In recent years, there has been a revival of old school death metal. Polishing the sound of the 90s are bands like Death, morbid angel and cannibal corpse, making that old-school sound even more crushing and modern. Los Angeles’ Skeletal remains is one of those bands and at the top of their game, bringing thrash riffs, pounding drums and terrifying screams. They will play The Sheep on Saturday with Kansas City thrash hammered, also no ordinary tape. If children are truly our future, what future will it be with these struggling children.

Hammerhedd is made up of three brothers who have been playing together since the band formed in 2012, when they were 4, 7 and 9 years old. They released their latest album, Great Currents, last year, and it’s fun, raw, and filled with tons of killer riffs. Now that they are teenagers, they take him on the road and run him over.

Skeletal Remains and Hammerhedd will be joined by Denver death metal Consumption and the crushing fate of Colorado Springs Kalakuta. Vultures have more Saturday magic with punk rockers Sleights of hand‘good album release show for 2021 It is not so easy. It will be a fun local poster with the alternative rock of Sun Letters and the classic heavy metal sounds of dirty kings.

Stay up all Sunday night if you don’t have to work the next day and head to The Black Sheep for moody Brooklyn post-punk Seeker with LA indie rock lily.

If you need music to celebrate Independence Day, never fear because the new music is here. Last year we wrote about the Minneapolis musician jim gust record an album here at In the pine workshop in Woodland Park. Gust and his friends are back and released a new album called Hmm…. It’s a great, relaxing piece of work that reminds me of a more upbeat Elliott Smith with elements of Chris Isaac and Jeff Buckley mixed in. The album was recorded and produced by Ryan Rumery and Josh DeSmidt. The musicians on the album include Gust, DeSmidt and Rummery as well as Sean Fanning, Nick Luca, Jon Rauhaus, Eric Davis and Jacob Valenzuela. You can listen to and buy the album at

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