Ratinoff finds the cure and feels better

Ratinoff finds the To cure and feels better: Los Angeles post-punk rocker Ratinoff told us about his love for a Cure classic.

Ratification: It was a very difficult call… I was between Ababy, ‘Songs of faith and devotion, and Disintegration

I have to say my favorite album has to be Disintegration… Maybe it’s for some melancholy reasons… Maybe it’s just the album that I felt really understood what I was going through right now…

The opening song “Plainsong” always spoke to me. I remember listening to it and feeling like I was in the rain listening to it, or just remembering the bittersweet of life.

I remember listening Disintegration and feel like ultimately there was an album that said everything I wanted to say. “Last Dance” particularly blew me away. When I heard that first opening bass riff from Simon Gallup, it blew me away. The very long intro and the guitar haunted me and delighted me to continue listening. These words about a long gone love really struck me. The sound was so huge that I imagined myself listening to it in a large dance hall. All the songs, especially “Closedown”, “Prayers for Rain”, “Disintegration” – they all spoke a lot to me.

To be honest, I rarely listen Disintegration these days. But when I think of the album that embodies my transition from boy to teenager, it was definitely the album that spoke to me first.

I got to see The Cure for the first time at the Shoreline Amphitheater in 2000 for the Blood flowers tower. I remember losing my mind when “Plainsong” started. I might have been at the back of the lawn, but I felt like I was right in front… It was this transformer. On their last “Singles” tour, I saw them perform “Last Dance” live and felt my life was over. I would have liked to see Porl Thompson or Boris Williams play live with Robert. Maybe someday… (no pun intended on their “Bloodflowers” ​​single).

Ratinoff finds the cure and feels better: Ratinoff’s new video “Better” is now available. It occurs at Whiskey A Go Gowith John Corabi on December 9 and with Bulletboys on December 16.

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