Punk Rock Saves Lives Fest 2022 – Pre-Party (EastFax Tap – Denver, CO)

Before the start of the Festival itself, Press EastFax (in the beautiful East Colfax Corridor) hosted a pre-party. Full disclosure, The Masked Moron, Anarcopunk had to bounce back a bit early to prepare for the actual festival, so no photos of Reno Divorce or Dylan Walshe. This is also where we will normally provide you with hyperlinks to the band pages for each of these amazing acts, but our site still isn’t fully functional and apparently won’t be until we spend more money. However, all the acts mentioned in this article should always be searchable on our bands index page, where you can find links to all their social media and music pages, sooooo… just do it. Related Additional Note: Do we know any good web developers?

Sammy Kay kicked off the night’s festivities with an energetic acoustic set inside by the bar (perfect location for me). The music was fantastic as you’d expect, but the stories he weaved between the songs were equally entertaining and were a great way to make the crowd fall in love with him, which they inevitably did. Fun fact: Sammy and I are “tattooed twins”!

For the second set of the night, things moved to the back patio where the volume (and the party) increased dramatically. America’s Most Haunted kicked off the outdoor sets and did so with enough fervor to keep the audience’s energy at peak levels. And while Horror Punk isn’t my favorite subgenre, this band had enough chops to keep my feet tapping throughout the set.

Back inside for another acoustic set (and another beer). Billy Herring of the Irish Punk Act 1916 sang Irish-inspired ballads and people who had crowded into the bar’s meager interior loved every second of it.

BACK TO THE PATIOOOOOOOO! Reno skate punks, Boss’ Daughter then took the stage and the crowd began to gather closer to the stage, preparing for the #maximumpartytime that was to ensue. If you’ve never seen a live set from this terrific trio, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Talent, intensity, fun, everything comes together in a unique and perfect set. Go see them. If you have a bad time, Dying Scene will refund your admission fee. It’s true! If you go to a Bossy D show and hate it, just email [email protected] and we’ll get back to you right away. Honest.

Check out the rest of the night’s activity in the slideshow below!

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