Pretty Cool Ice Cream says CM Punk paid for all the ice cream bars, came up with the idea two years ago


The ice cream bars offered to United Center fans were all CM Punk.

Fans who attended AEW Rampage The First Dance on August 20 weren’t only treated to CM Punk’s return to pro wrestling, they were given a free ice cream bar upon leaving the building courtesy of Pretty Cool Ice Cream.

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In a social media post, Pretty Cool Ice Cream revealed that Punk paid for the ice cream bars himself and had the idea to do so two years ago.

The big moment when @cmpunk thanks his fans for waiting and getting him some ice cream. Were you there ?!

Since we get a lot of questions, yes the ice cream was on him, that wasn’t a publicity stunt imagined by the promoters. He came to see us alone and asked us to help him do it 2 years ago, and finally the time was right. Our small team worked tirelessly to make each bar by hand, and CM Punk himself wrote the check for the entire invoice.

It’s a real love of Chicago right there, a city with big shoulders and a big heart

Speaking on a media call after AEW Rampage, CM Punk expressed what ice cream bars mean to him.

You can find all of his comments by clicking here.

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