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What am I to understand from this name, FapDude? What site is it?

PornTrex is one of the best porn tubes on the web. He is part of a big family, but you will have to find out for yourself what that family is. Until then, I will give you all the information you need about the place, so that you understand how great this site is and that it will have to be visited! It starts right away with recommended porn videos for you! From what I’ve noticed, they are releasing hot XXX clips, but I’m not sure what the logic is behind that. Recommendations based on what? Assessments? Number of views ? Well who knows! Go further ! has a rich landing page! After the section I told you about above, if you scroll down, you will get the trending videos. This is where you can see what’s cool about the site these days. Scroll even more for new clips and edit clips. I am not joking! This is how they call the third section! It’s another title, it’s cool. After the menu that gives you the pages, to surf more and more, they have an index of studios. In other words, you will have the ability to see and access the studios from which they take the content. By clicking on one of them, you will get the publications made from it and under it! 21sextury, Blacked, RealityKings, MyFamilyPies, BrattySis, Watch4Beauty and many more!

So they deal with a lot of premium porn that I can access for free?

Yeah, PornTrex is all about XXX done in the studio. Listen to me! They don’t share homemade content. If you write amateur in the search function box, you will get clips that tell you a story that may make you think of an amateur situation, but it is still done by professionals. You will have to use your imagination. Alright, I’ve given you plenty of destinations with amateur gear, so if you want to shit about homemade stuff, go for it! Stay here if you want free premium porn. I need more investigation to see if these 2,868,117 registered users are downloading real homemade content.

They don’t even share an amateur category. If you look on the niches page, you will see that there is no option for this. Lots of other sexy categories, but none of them feature real homemade XXX with insanely hot housewives. They have amazingly hot girls, but they’re pornstars, not girls next door.

Uh, the porn categories! Can you name some niches for me, FapDude?

Let me reopen this page. I just closed it! You can find the index in the main menu! A drop-down menu! So here they are – gaping, solo, vintage, ass to mouth, toys, Indians and so many more.

For each category, you will be able to know how many videos have been added below. We’re talking about hundreds of thousands in total. It’s a massive hit and most importantly, everything on their pages is premium. Again, I’ll tell you – FREE premium porn!

You keep saying great things about PornTrex! What’s wrong ?

Ads! ! When you are on the desktop version and when you are on mobile. You click and the ads will appear everywhere. You want to open a page and they take you to another tab because they open ads on the initial tab.

Also, your corners, on mobile, will be filled with advertisements. You have to keep closing them, if you want to be able to do your thing. This is what I don’t like! It’s really annoying! You want to come to a website for a good quick fap, which means you want a good user experience – no one wants to surf between ads with a dick in their hand. I understand they have to win, I understand they have to add ads, but you can do it elegantly. There are so many hits that earn from ads without spoiling the visitor’s enjoyment.

Oh, I’ll try to avoid the ads! So which pornstars do they feature on PornTrex?

Let me see if they have any pages that tell you anything about pornstars. Oh, yes, they did! A page under the name of Models. They even give you sorting options, to filter out girls. First, you can go with girls in videos or pictures, then you can choose alphabetically, top rated, most viewed, most videos. Well, it’s okay for them to show a pornstars index because this is a tube that offers premium porn.

I went with the most seen. These are the first models – Mia Khalifa, Nadia Ali, Goldie Baby, Baby Jewel, Kendra Lust and many more. As usual and as you can already imagine, the index contains all the popular names and you can easily find your favorite starlets!

Would it be possible to tell me some video titles from this hit?

I was just browsing the videos and was delighted to see that they are all about super premium XXX. What’s new, you can see it here! What’s sexy, he will be in the spotlight in the clips! And so many additions in crystal clear HD. You will not be disappointed my brother! Sure, you won’t be disappointed! They did a really good job on this hit! They don’t have fun and they don’t deal with bullshit! If we forgot about the ads, we can clearly say that is one of the best porn tubes I have ever seen. And I saw them all.

Nympho stretching, Slut wife in hotel, Insatiable Kitten etc. As you can see, you can tell right from the title who is playing in the scene and which studio did the production. Like I said, PornTrex has got you covered. Sit back and enjoy their product.

What else can you tell me now, in conclusion? Worth a visit?

If you ask me such a thing, it means that you did not understand anything that we have discussed here. When you hear me say that apart from the ads everything is fine, what does that tell you? PornTrex isn’t your regular tube, as it doesn’t have any amateur teens, naughty housewives, or horny MILFs next door. They like high end high end productions. Obviously you come here if you like and want the same.

They do regular updates with more and more premium XXX. Yes, they don’t ask you to pay anything, so you will have all this fun at your disposal, without spending your wife’s money! You can create an account, but it will also be free. And it takes about 2 minutes to register and login. Everything could be in your favor here, my brother! So don’t hesitate to visit PornTrex. It is more than worthy of your visit. I am sure you will bookmark it and visit it daily. It is a good alternative to all the other porn tubes. I repeat, as long as you understand that you are coming here for premium adult entertainment, not amateur content.

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