Pokémon Go team of players with musical names includes Rick Ghastly and more

An ambitious Pokémon GO trainer seeks to catch as many shiny Pokémon as possible and gives them names similar to famous musicians.

A lover of word games Pokémon GO player tries to put together a list of pocket monsters of brilliant variations all named after famous musicians. To close the year, Niantic has put on a holiday-themed event for Pokémon GO that boosts Ice-type Pokémon and adds seasonally appropriate party costumes. It will run from December 16 until December 31 just before the New Year.

When it comes to customization, Niantic’s augmented reality mobile title offers relatively limited options for gamers. Most of these items are strictly relegated to the appearance of the player avatar through clothing. Meanwhile, visual modifications for the Pokémon themselves are limited to certain event versions of Pokémon that have unique costumes – not all of which can be changed. Perhaps the most important element of the customizations enabled for player Pokémon is the functionality that allows a trainer to rename them; and, recently, a fan showed how he makes the most of this mechanic.


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Reddit user ConureCultist shared a screenshot of an ongoing task force of Shiny Pokémon called the “Collection of musicians”. Each member was specifically caught because their base name resembles that of a famous musician. Included in this set are Billy Jolt, Eevee Wonder, and Rick Gastly – references to Billy Joel, Stevie Wonder, and Rick Astley – although it looks like the owner of this last name has seen a few evolutions and Rick Gengar doesn’t fit the theme. wish.

What makes ConureCultist’s job all the more difficult is the fact that everyone in their Musicians Collection has to be brilliant. Pokemon, which can be difficult to spot depending on the specific type. Even though the Reddit user states in his initial post that he is still looking for Meltan John, he has since captured brilliant versions of Machamp and Rapidash. These joined the Musicians Collections with the names Mach Jagger and Johnny Dash, respectively. Commentators gave further recommendations on who else might be worthy of joining this unique group.

Many great examples of creativity are engendered through restrictions and limitations. There are not many trainers in Pok̩mon GO can do to stand out when it comes to personalization. However Рamong the options that exist Рnaming Pok̩mon is perhaps one of the best forms of self-expression. ConureCultist even imposed more limitations on this self-imposed challenge by limiting the party to Shiny Pok̩mon only. Despite this, however, the group appears to be growing at a rapid rate and it is unclear how big they will become.

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Pokémon Go is available now for iOS and Android.

Source: ConureCultist / Reddit

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