Photos from the Florida punk concert where tickets were $ 18 if you were vaccinated, $ 999.99 if you weren’t


In many ways, Teenage Bottlerocket’s Sold-out Saturday night concert at the Tampa Skatepark (SPoT) sounded like a lot of other gigs that have been going on in florida lately – people gathered tightly, unmasked and often sweaty.

But there was one difference for this gig: a virtual guarantee that the person next to you was vaccinated against the coronavirus.

When Leadfoot Promotions first announced their Wyoming pop-punk band’s St.Petersburg concert, promoter Paul Williams priced tickets at $ 18 for those who could prove their immunization status at the door, and at 999, $ 99 for those who couldn’t.

When Creative Loafing Tampa Bay first reported the gig, no one seemed to care, but the rest of the internet took over, and news from the gig – with Fat Wreck Chords’ MakeWar and Tampa Bay’s Rutterkin to back it up – went viral, apparently with all the news stations, cable media and a blog are gaining coverage. The Washington Post even prompted Governor Ron DeSantis to comment on the show.

Williams and the group then took a backlash (along with the other types of things anti-vaxxers do to those trying to have a safe show even suggesting that vaxx cards might be verified), but Teenage Bottlerocket supported Williams, even as the place of origin renounced its commitment to host the show.

But at SPoT, Teenage Bottlerocket guitarist and vocalist Ray Carlisle addressed the sold-out show preparation.

“They came to get us,” he said before laughing and adding that, “I became a spokesperson for a pro-vaxx movement that does not exist.”

Yet Carlisle said, “We survived.”—Ray Roa

06/26/2021 | Photos by Anthony Martino

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