Philly punk band create an ode to the store’s nachos



We all have our culinary culinary delights. Whether it’s fast food, frozen pizza, or some form of candy, everyone has a snack or food you will never apologize for. For members of the punk band riotgrrrl Frog, it turns out that they are nachos from 7 eleven.

And who can blame them? We’ve all been there. It’s the middle of the night, you’ve been out enjoying some adult drinks and all of a sudden the idea of ​​7-Eleven nachos sounds awesome. So you stop, fill the paper tray with crisps and smother them in nacho cheese.

To some people, it sounds disgusting. To others, myself included, it feels like a party for one.

And as we mentioned, it looks like those of us who like a good serving of 7-Eleven nachos might include the members of the Philadelphia area group Froggy among us. How do we know? Because they love 7-Eleven nachos so much, they wrote a song about them.

7-Eleven goes all-in with Froggy on their song about their popular nachos.

However, things are getting better. Froggy recorded and released the song “7-Eleven Nachos” as part of their debut EP output and jokingly, I asked the good folks at 7-Eleven if they wanted to sponsor the group. Never in a million years did they expect an answer.

But they got an answer. And not just a Tweet or a post on the 7-Eleven Facebook page, no. The convenience store chain actually put money into the girls making a real music video for “7-Eleven Nachos”. Shot in their hometown of Doylestown, the video showed the band performing the song at an impromptu concert in a 7-Eleven parking lot.

The video debuted on social media earlier this week and has attracted a whole new audience to Froggy’s girls. And all because they love 7-Eleven nachos and don’t care who knows.

What do you think of the culprit eaters? Is “7-Eleven Nachos” a catchy song or what? Leave a comment below and let us know or join the conversation on our Twitter and Facebook pages.


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