NOFX announces 2021 US Punk at Drublic festivals



NOFX has announced two Punk in Drublic festivals for 2021. The first will be held in Denver, Colorado on July 17, while the second is booked for September 25 in Worcester, Mass.

Punk, ska, hardcore and craft beer will greet fans returning from COVID concert hibernation thanks to NOFX frontman Fat Mike and his festival team. NOFX, Less Than Jake, Sick of It All, Get Dead, Potato Pirates and more will take over Denver, while NOFX, the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Pennywise, Get Dead and more will fill this fall festival in Worcester. .

Craft beer tastings will also be offered until 3 p.m. in Denver and 4 p.m. in Worcester. “Each festival date will feature up to four hours of craft beer tastings showcasing an impressive selection of craft beers, including some of the best regions and local favorites,” the Punk in Drublic website read.

Tickets are already available for the Denver Festival, while tickets for the Worcester Punk in Drublic Festival go on sale this Friday, June 25.

NOFX will also perform this year at the Riot Fest in Chicago and at the Punk in the Park festival in California. The UK will also refuel NOFX on September 4 and 5 in Leeds and Hatfield, respectively.

To get tickets for either Punk in Drublic festival, click here.

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