New major offered at Lincoln College


LINCOLN, IL – Lincoln College is launching a new Bachelor of Arts in Music starting fall 2021. The new degree is the latest major added to Lincoln College’s growing list of programs available to undergraduate students.

“This degree is particularly exciting because the program allows students to choose between two streams: Music Performance and Production and Music Business and Production. The Bachelor of Arts in Music is practical, modern, and designed to take students straight to a career, ”said David Gerlach, President of Lincoln College.

Lincoln College determined that a Bachelor of Arts in Music would be a great fit for Lincoln College and designed a curriculum with a focus on modern production technologies and business, as well as traditional performance opportunities.

Students in the Bachelor of Music program will have hands-on learning opportunities with nationally recognized music industry professionals housed in the Johnston Center for Performing Arts building on campus.

The Music Business and Production course offers students an interdisciplinary range of courses in music production and publishing, audiovisual editing and finishing, recording of the history of the arts and the fundamentals of business that govern the music industry. Successful graduates will enter the workforce with practical musical knowledge, production skills, and business acumen.

The Musical Performance and Production course combines basic musical training with an emphasis on musical performance as an integrative process that includes theater, audiovisual storytelling, recording arts production and film media. Students will participate in all stages of the conceptualization, production and performance of the original music. Classes include songwriting, visual and audio production, and presenting live events on campus and in the community.

The program will include practical skills that will prepare students for careers in the multi-faceted, fast-paced music and performing arts industries, ”said Denise La Grassa, Senior Music Teacher.

“Musical knowledge and performance skills will prepare students for careers as performers, music and fine arts administrators, community education teachers, a graduate degree in performance or performance. musical education, or a career in the recording arts, among other potential career paths, ”La Grassa added.

Prospective students interested in pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Music are encouraged to contact the Lincoln College admissions office at [email protected] The fall 2021 application is open and the scholarships are still available.

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