New Found Glory Finds Talented Friends To Get Tour On Track


The name of the tour is “Punk Pop’s Still Not Dead”, but the tour itself almost died. Florida band New Found Glory was on the verge of hitting the road when co-stars Simple Plan dropped out of the tour due to COVID-related concerns. Longtime friends Less Than Jake, full headliners, have launched with two weeks remaining, and the tour is now on track to hit the House of Blues on Tuesday.

“It was definitely getting stressful,” NFG leader Jordan Pundik said this week. “We were about to cancel completely, then Less Than Jake canceled his own tour to join us. They are so much the best that I don’t even know what to say. They have always supported us, since they took us on their first big tours. But thanks to the pandemic, the two groups won’t be singing songs together or even going backstage as much as they would like. “Everyone stays in their little pod. But we can still stand outside the locker room and yell at each other. “

The name of the tour might be a joke, but it’s also a badge of honor. All four appearing groups (including openers Hot Mulligan and Lolo) are okay with catchy tunes, slower tempos, and the occasional love song – elements that initially set them apart in hardcore circles, but which sets them apart. eventually helped to adjust.

“I’ve always been a guy who likes to hear more weird things,” Pundik said. “We started out in the hardcore scene in Florida and have always been a part of that world, these are the bands we’ve toured with. It wasn’t until we entered the mainstream that the term punk-pop started to pop up, after bands like Blink-182 and Green Day started to come in. We’ve always been okay with that, and it’s always great to see new bands bring their own twist and become incredibly popular.

The name of the tour also reflects what they feel like playing after the pandemic. “We’re so excited after sitting for so long that we would play these shows whether people show up or not. “

He says they are playing a most successful set with just a few nods to their latest album, “Forever & Ever x Infinity”, although it is well received by fans. Last year the album was re-released with new songs including “The New Abnormal”, one of the few pandemic songs that manages to be uplifting. “We’ve always tried to put it in a positive light, and a lot of people need to hear that sort of thing when they’re down. So it was more inspiring to be able to give them that. “

The songs on the regular album are largely about viewing relationships as an adult (Pundik is 41) and discovering old insecurities that still apply. One piece includes the priceless phrase “You are a ten and I am a three, I hope you can never afford lasik surgery.” Pundik said, “That’s one hundred percent how I feel, especially with a really attractive person. I still think I am not worthy.

Pundik says there’s also a chance the band will continue their series of cover albums, which have focused on guilty pleasure movie themes. “We need a certain amount of these in our repertoire, so that we can someday fulfill our dream of being a wedding and bar mitzvah band.”

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