My Chemical Romance “Danger Days” makeup will make you look fabulous


My Chemical Romance is once again teaming up with vegan cosmetics maker HipDot for an MCR-inspired makeup line, this time with shades in homage to the 2010 album from rockers led by Gerard Way, Dangerous Days: The real life of the fabulous Killjoys.

A first collaboration last year between the group and the beauty line produced makeup inspired by the My Chemical Romance effort in 2004, Three cheers for sweet revenge. This time around, HipDot urges those interested in the new Dangerous days makeup to subscribe to her mailing list to preview when pre-orders begin on July 22; they will only last a week, until July 29.

See an overview of the product line and some video teasers for the MCR Dangerous days makeup down this post.

“’The future is bulletproof, the consequences are secondary, the Killjoys are making noise’ and get ready with the #HIPDOTxMCR Danger Days Collector’s Box,” Hipdot said on Sunday July 11, citing the track from opening of the album, “Look Alive, Sunshine.” “Together we will change the world and defeat the enemy of Better Living Industries or try to dye.”

Earlier this year, My Chemical Romance announced that their previously postponed reunion tour dates, already moved once from 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, have been pushed back a year. The return concert wave will now begin in 2022.

“My Chemical Romance is postponing our tour plans for 2021 until 2022,” the group said in a statement. “We are deeply sad, but these emotions are only a fraction of the depth of feelings we have all felt looking at the suffering and loss of the past year. We just want to be as sure as possible as everyone else. is safe. Refunds will be offered to anyone who wishes. We are sorry if this is disappointing, and we really I can not wait to see you.”

My Chemical Romance performed together publicly for the first time since 2013 at a reunion show in Los Angeles in 2019.

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