MP comes to life for IDLES headline at lunchtime at Brockwell Park



The same team that successfully hosted the recent South Facing Festival at the Crystal Palace Bowl regrouped a few miles down the road from Brockwell Park, south of Brixton, where a recent three-day festival was split into three big brands . Kick-off on Friday September 3 with Awake, this was followed by Mighty Hoopla and finally CRoss Les Pistes Sunday (collectively billed as “Brixton’s Jazz, Funk & Soul Party”).

Mighty Hoopla saw Cheryl headlining, with Eve and Becky Hill, Jimmy Somerville and Gabrielle among the backers, while Sunday saw Corinne Bailey Rae, Cymande, Soul II Soul Lianne La Havas and Jordan Rakei take the stage among others.

Capital Sound provided sound on all four main stages, with the main three featuring Martin Audio MLA speaker sets.

Working again with promoter Marcus Weedon, production company Loud Sound Events and production manager Julia Bruns (as they did at Crystal Palace), David Preston, Cap’s project manager, confirmed that the head of The most unusual poster had been held by post-punk band IDLES— themselves confirmed enthusiasts at Martin Audio, who dominated the poster at the opening Awake daytime.

One of the loudest bands on the tour, they took to the stage at 1:30 p.m. for the Friday headliner to fulfill another engagement that night, with their sound mixed as usual by Chris Fullard.

Capital has previous work experience Mighty Hoopla and know the site; they were therefore aware of the sensitivity to noise, with residential dwellings in the immediate vicinity of the main stage right. Service providers were fortunate enough to experience Dan Fathers MLA technology to define optimizations that would eliminate unwanted coverage areas, using the Hard Avoid feature of the DISPLAY software, in order to to protect neighbors from potential noise pollution. Fathers was supported by FOH tech, Bheki Phakathi.

The main stage was fitted with suspensions of 13 MLA elements plus a single MLD filler box on each side. These were supported by eight more MLA Compacts as side suspensions on each sidewall and 12 more W8LMs as front infills. The subwoofers included 15 MLX in a wide cardioid array to prevent sound from flowing back onto the stage.

Two delay towers, each comprising eight MLA Compacts, were placed behind the mixing position and between 55 and 60 meters from the stage, providing a total coverage distance of 80 meters. The fathers slightly re-optimized and reduced the projection distance of the PA after opening day, such was his projection.

The second stage was set up inside a circus tent where Capital flew 10 MLA per side, with 12 MLX subwoofers on the floor, arranged in the front. The front fills were six of Martin Audio’s popular DD6 front fills in a location where the sound was overseen by FOH technician Rich Wonnacott.

Stage 3 was assigned to a slightly smaller tent, where 10 MLA Compacts were set up per side, with 12 SX218 subwoofers laid out in front of the stage. Four DD12s were provided for front fill, and Capital’s Ollie Fallon doubled as system tech and FOH tech.

Chris Fullard, IDLES FOH Engineer, says: “Once again the sound produced by MLA was really great. As always, you can run this pretty flat PA – I just loaded my show file and it sounded fantastic right off the bat. The drums, in particular, sounded huge on the outside… the kit clicked, as did the bass, and there was a fantastic response.

He confirmed that the band will be touring with MLA when they release next year.

Despite IDLES ‘reputation for loud sound, David Preston confirmed that throughout the weekend his team worked within the noise limits (and offsite thresholds) set by acousticians, Electric Star, while Vanguardia oversaw the levels on behalf of the Lambeth Council.

“Everything went extremely well,” confirmed Preston, summing up.

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