Milford Band Fights Depression and Improves Children’s Mental Health Through Music

MILFORD, Conn. (WTNH) – Music can strengthen, it can heal, and these young adults say… it can even fight depression.

“Music makes me feel like I’m flying,” says Kaylee Jamieson.

It is a mission born out of tragedy.

“My younger brother, Alex, we committed suicide on May 1, 2019,” says Jamie Jamieson, remembering a music and skateboarding fanatic with a huge smile, a warm heart and a complex relationship with insecurity and fear. solitude.

The 22-year-old’s latest social media post inspired Jamieson to take action – shortly after his brother’s death.

“The last paragraphs of that post, on the right, ‘I want to change the world…I want to help people like me understand that it’s okay not to be okay,'” Jamieson recalled fondly. “That was woah – this kid doesn’t want other people to become what he was.”

He founded the Alexander Jordan Jamieson Foundation.

“We think music helps people develop their skills, their self-esteem,” he explains. “It’s sometimes an outlet when they’re going through tough times.”

The organization provides free instruments and lessons to teenagers like Kaden: “It allowed me to learn something new which was a lot of fun, to meet new people.”

And also adults like Joe Leck: “I literally escaped my family and when I saw the post on Facebook it caught my attention.”

He would have liked to find the foundation earlier to combat his post-traumatic stress disorder.

But, still, playing guitar and writing music has been cathartic.

“Whenever I’m having a bad day or I don’t know what to do with myself, I just pick up my guitar and play a few songs and I feel a little better,” he explains.

Jamieson says that if they can save a life through melody and harmony, then composing this effort is worth it: “Our goal is really to reach as many people as possible and get people to talk – making it okay to not be OK and talk about it.”

On May 1, the foundation is hosting a music festival for mental health in Milford, following its Coastline Challenge walk.

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