Metz creates Go Fund Me after equipment theft in California

(Credit: Nicholas Sayers)


Canadian punk band Metz set up a Go Fund Me page in response to the theft of goods and equipment from their van while touring California.

The unfortunate incident happened on the morning of November 20 when their vehicle was parked in Santa Clarita while they were on tour with Concerns.

In a statement, the group revealed, “There are no words for the blow this has dealt to the group; financially, logistically, mentally and emotionally.

Adding: “This tour was meant to be a celebration for METZ; may they be with you all again, do what they love and share the joy and energy that comes only from performing live. But it was also a way to generate much needed income after the financial setbacks of the past two years. “

Adding: “METZ is determined not to cancel any shows, but, in order to continue the tour as planned, they will have to purchase a whole new backline set, a huge expense on top of the loss already incurred.”

Continuing: “So we ask you, our community and the supporters of the group, to help METZ come out of a hole too big for them to dig on their own.”

Initially, the group set a goal of $ 20,000, which has since been surpassed in a promising outpouring of solidarity within the music community. You can contribute by click here.

The incident is still under investigation, but nothing has yet been located. This latest incident highlights the alarming increase in pickup truck break-ins that have occurred in the United States, with touring groups apparently being targeted.

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