Marjorie Taylor Greene in a soup: GOP representative confuses Nazi police Gestapo with Gazpacho

Embattled Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene was trolled online after her big gazpacho gaff because she appeared to have been confused between the notorious Nazi police force and a harmless cold tomato soup. In a now-viral video, MTG complained that Nancy Pelosi police allegedly “spied” on members of Congress. However, she ended up talking about “the gazpacho police of Nancy Pelosi”, in a clear mix between the Gestapo and the Gazpacho.

Greene, who was permanently banned from Twitter last year for spreading conspiracy theories, is no stranger to gaffes. She had previously mistaken the US territory of Guam in Micronesia for a foreign country, prompting the governor of Guam to gift her a history book. In her latest video, she also referred to the Washington, D.C. prison as a “DC gulag”, drawing a comparison to the infamous Soviet prison system. However, it was his gazpacho gaffe that left Twitter in two parts, as noted by journalist Matt Fuller, “The Gazpacho Police: The Coolest, Yet Busiest Law Enforcement Agency. “


Gazpacho (or gazpacho) happens to be a cold soup prepared from mixed vegetables like tomato and cucumber. It is very popular in Spain and Portugal as a summer dish and is now eaten all over the world.

While talking about Real America, Marjorie Taylor Greene criticized the Jan. 6 committee pursuing Trump allies. She notably attacked the “Nancy Pelosi Gazpacho police”, accusing them of spying on GOP lawmakers and American citizens. Shortly after the video went viral, editorial cartoonist Pat Bagley tweeted, “Having Marjorie Taylor Greene misname Hitler’s Gestapo the ‘gazpacho police’ won’t hurt her at all with her constituents. It should scare you as much as me. her congressional staff are just as stupid and incompetent as she is to say it.”

Journalist John Nichols joked, “US @RepMTG is very concerned about ‘Nancy Pelosi’s Gazpacho Police’, not to be confused with Jerry Seinfield’s ‘Soup Nazis’.

‘Nancy Pelosi’s Gazpacho Police’ sounds like the greatest ska-punk band of all time,” actor Dan Franko tweeted.

Mueller Report executive producer Cheri Jacobus tweeted, “I’ve worked on Capitol Hill for many years, and I can’t imagine letting a congressman do an interview or taped video where he confuses ‘gestapo.’ and “gazpacho”. @RepMTG staff hate it.”

Ring of Fire host Farron Cousins ​​added, “Antifa can’t run around with cans of soup now that the gazpacho police are on the streets.”

Greene has yet to provide any clarification on his hilarious confusion as liberal Twitter took the opportunity to remind everyone how MTG spreads conspiracy theories and feeds unco

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