Local punk band Russian Cowboy will play People’s Park on July 21

Local band Russian Cowboy will perform at 4:30 p.m. on July 21 at People’s Park. The show will be free and open to the public as part of the People’s Park Concert Series.

Russian Cowboy first formed in Bloomington in mid-2019. Ryan Bennett, the band’s drummer, said they played a few gigs while working on a demo music album, but when they were on about to start playing more seriously together, they were interrupted. by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Russian Cowboy’s People’s Park set will include music from the band’s two recorded albums. Bennett said their self-titled debut album was recorded at a home studio in Bloomington and then remastered for streaming services.

This first album came early in the band’s career, Bennett said. Their lead singer, Luke Pattison, was working on a solo project and they rearranged that material for the band.

“It had more of a punk sound to it because it was just us doing some of our early songs when we first met,” Bennett said. “A lot of the songs on that debut album come from Luke meeting us and trying to turn his songs into band songs.”

He said their second album, “A Slow Migration West”, was written entirely as a band and recorded at Russian registration.

Bennett described the band’s sound as punk crossed with Americana. The commercialization of the British punk scene has taken something away from this music, Bennett said, so Russian Cowboy aims to reintroduce that element of authenticity while creating a distinctly American sound.

“The second album is a bit more country, the first is a bit more punk, so we kind of try to balance those sounds together,” Bennett said.

He said the group’s influences include Parquet Courts, Daniel Johnston and Ex Models.

The Russian Cowboys first performed on the People’s Park Series in 2020 and have played many other shows for the city since then. Bennett said he held a few non-music related positions in the Bloomington Parks and Recreation Department, where he learned about the show and applied once he had a band to play with.

Bennett emphasized the strength and importance of the arts to the Bloomington community, particularly the work between artists and local government. He said the access granted to artists for these public spaces is not only extremely important for them, but for the community as a whole.

“It’s a great way to support local music,” he said. “In my opinion, one of the interesting things about Bloomington is its vibrant arts culture that the city supports. It’s really important to keep up with shows like this.

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