Jerry Cantrell and Kim Thayil lead the “Sounds of Seattle” rock camp


On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of grunge, Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp has brought together some of the musicians who pioneered the music movement in the 90s for their Rock Camp “Sounds of Seattle” to be held next year. . Topping the talent list are Jerry Cantrell from Alice in Chains, Kim Thayil from Soundgarden and Dave Krusen, former Pearl Jam drummer.

This special Rock Camp will take place from February 17 to 20, 2022 in Los Angeles. Additional details on packages and prices can be found here.

“The last few years have been exceptionally difficult and at times really bizarre for the nation and the world in general, and for the music industry and rock bands in particular. I am very excited to connect and reconnect with other musicians and fans at Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp. Bring your favorite ax and jammons to Rock Camp, ”says Kim Thayil of Soundgarden.

Thayil and Soundgarden rose through the ranks and perfected their sound in Seattle, reaching their commercial breakthrough in the 1991s. Super unknown album. Alice in Chains also used the Seattle scenes as a proving ground, hitting the ground running with the 1990s. facelift album. As for Krusen, he was the original drummer for Pearl Jam when they were still called Mookie Blaylock. His credits also include time spent with Candlebox and Unified Theory, among others.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp

Other guests at this particular Rock Camp will include guest “counselors” Stephen Perkins, Mike Kroeger, Monte Pittman, Adam Kury, Joel Hoekstra, Peter Klett, Eva Gardner, Tommy Black and Britt Lightning.

With the current COVID situation, Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp has moved all of their rock camps to 2022. They have also taken their COVID precautions for each of the rock camps. available to view for those who take it into account in their participation.

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