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Jarina De Marco – “Give it to me baby”

What would the late funk icon Rick James think of this revamp of one of his greatest hits? We’re leaning towards approval – because what has been done here hasn’t stripped the tune of its flow. “Give It To Me Baby” in the hands of De Marco and producer Nate Donmoyer remains a jam, even in its slowed-down and stripped down state: his iconic bassline receives an intense spotlight, De Marco’s voice in the foreground, alike to a whisper, emphasizes the singing of the song. narrative (get ready to learn verses beyond the chorus, all of you), and the background cymbals tingle the spine. There’s no way anyone can ever replace the original, of course, but De Marco most certainly delivers a compelling take. – Jhoni jackson

LOLAA – “La Maréa”

After years of anticipation and a series of melodramatic synthpop earworms, the Toronto duo LOLAA finally unveiled their first buzzy LP La Marea, a record filled with anthemic tracks of heartbreak and controversial love. On the exquisite title track, powerful percussion creates an atmosphere of urgent unease as drums and palos dance to eerie synths and the fiery voice of singer Lex Valentine. The plot thickens as we are drawn into a romance that continues to crumble on itself, running through passages about awkward communication issues and fading memories. – Richard Villegas

The Linda Lindas – “Oh! “

The excitement around the viral sensation The Linda Lindas may still be fresh to most people; Fortunately, that didn’t stop them from turning their anger into passionate music. For their first track since signing to legendary Epitaph Records, the quartet blessed us with “Oh! », A song that expresses frustration and anxiety, delivered through huge punk and glam rock riffs. Their boundless passion and melodicism will give you confidence in guitar music. – Marcos Hassan

Jodosky – “Quien Dijo Que Los Gordos No Perrean”

NEON16 rookie talent Jodosky has steadily taken off the slopes over the past six months and today brings us an ode to guys with a little extra around their midsection. “Quién Dijo Que Los Gordos No Perrean? Channels Sir Mix-a-Lot’s classic anthem with the same ironic energy over an energetic old-fashioned reggaeton beat and a catchy chorus. It reminds everyone that some boys are also back and can get hasta abajo with the best of them. – Juan Arroyo

Myke “Almas Gemelas” Towers

Offering comfort, security and softness, “Almas Gemelas” is a romance in its own right. Puerto Rican artist Myke Towers continues to show an ever-expanding emotional intelligence in his reggaeton ballad-bops, denouncing misogynist control (“Ella No Es Tuya”) and caring for the comfort of the person he’s in love with on “Bandido” . With this latest single, women and women alike get another mostly guilt-free listen, and it’s much appreciated. Many of us love a heated perreo, pero con consentimiento. Towers seems to understand and respect this. – Jhoni jackson

Nite Jewel – “Before You Go”

Before releasing his next eight-track album No sun next month, Night jewel shared “Before I Go”, which follows the line from the previous single “This time»In the counting and emotion. Ramona Gonzalez wrote the song after being abandoned by her husband, poetically distilling raw, heartbreaking feelings cuddled by a minimalist array of synth sounds, allowing us to get a jazzy, Quiet Storm-lit glimpse of her grief. – Marcos Hassan

Laura Petit – “Cinê Privê”

“Cine Prive” is a new single from Laura Petit, a young singer who has already released two LPs but could be seen as an upcoming act on the Brazilian indie scene. Well aware of the colors of her soft voices and her soft inflections, Laura walks in “Cinê Privê”. It goes from well-suited overhead lines to samba rhythm, goes through a strong chorus, and ends with rock’n’roll verve – a vocal line that suits lyrics about overcoming an old relationship. It’s a song that could make Laura dream of being alongside important Brazilian performers like Gal Costa and Marisa Monte. – Felipe Maia

Sofia Campos & Natalia Lafourcade – “Verde Nocturno”

Argentine singer Sofia Campos is teaming up with Mexican powerhouse Natalia Lafourcade on her latest single, which provides an acoustic refuge inspired by the unprecedented uncertainties the pandemic has left in many. The Dreamscape collaborative ballad offers a comforting melody with warm harmonies whose lyricism allows the listener to venture on a learning path to find strength in the most turbulent moments. – Jeanette Diaz

Jurel Sonico & Los Impuros – “La Noche”

Jurel Sónico has contributed to the development of the Chilean Shoegaze scene through his work with Adelaida, one of the most inspiring groups in recent memory. Not content with making alt-rock guitar noise, he has since started a solo project with Los Impuros to explore darker territories. With post-punk percussion and deathrock-flavored basslines, “La Noche” demonstrates that Jurel has a lot to explore in a different shade of indie rock. – Marcos Hassan

George Arthur Calendar – “Bottomless Tears and Bloody Mimosas”

To the sound of funky guitars and a synth beat, singer George Arthur Calendar recounts wistfully about a love that ended too soon. But as the accompanying bloody video demonstrates, there’s a sense of disrespect to the whole situation as well. Hailing from Guadalajara, a vampiric calendar travels through a city mesmerizing people with its groove, eventually taking them to its makeshift dungeon and getting drunk on the good things in their veins. Who among us hasn’t got lost when we’re at the bottom? – Juan Arroyo

Ulises Hadjis – “El Mundo Entero” (ft. Florencia Núñez)

Six years after the release of his last solo album Pavimento, Venezuelan singer-songwriter Ulises Hadjis is back with El Mundo and La Nada. It features stellar collaborations from Gaby Moreno, El David Aguilar, Xoel López and Florencia Núñez, who sings on Hadjis’ new single “El Mundo Entero”. Co-written by Silvana Estrada, the song is dressed in cheerful colors and happy sounds, only to cover up the bitter realization of being pushed out of a loved one’s world. – Cheky

Porsh $ bet – “Whatever”

Porsh Bet $ shares latest single, visuals from recently released debut EP I used to think forever. Adding to the list of newcomers not conforming to the rigid definition of the genre, “Whatever” displays the fluidity of Bet $ to create multi-layered soundscapes that tap into his thoughts and upbringing as an Afro. -Latinx having grown up in Harlem. From its sunny effervescent sound to the feeling of aimless love, Alt-Pop meets R&B is a capsule of feel-good vibes from start to finish. – Jeanette Diaz

Rennan da Penha, Anitta – “SexToU” (Prod. Isaac 22)

A staple of the latest wave of DJs and funk producers Rio baile, Rennan da Penha lives the turntables and takes the microphone in this new feature film with Anitta. “SexToU” is a well-fitting 150 BPM track for favela parties (bailes) or dance clubs around the world. Isaac 22 only layered a few key lines with the beat known as porrada seca (as in quick smack) and left plenty of space for the sultry melody of Anitta and Rennan’s vocals. Sextou in Brazilian Portuguese is something like #TGIF, but we’re sure Anitta knew that SexToU sounds fun in English as well. – Felipe Maia

Bianca Oblivion – “Bubble Pon Di Bed” ft. XL Mad (UNIIQU3, Thai Chi Rosè, Charly Gynn Remix)

Revisiting her culo-bouncing 2020 club anthem “Bubble Pon Di Bed,” Los Angeles DJ and producer Bianca Oblivion has brought in a gang of transcontinental reinas for an all-new remix ready to ignite countless dance floors. With new shredded bars from UNIIQU3 from New Jersey, Thai Chi Rosè from London and Mexico City Charly gynn, the track went from a nightclub siren call to a real war cry of twerk-tacular proportions. – Richard Villegas

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