Issue of the day: The Heritage Chart taps into nostalgia

Once upon a time much simpler, Top of the Pops was must-see TV and if you were one of the music fans tuned in, chances are you currently have no idea who the number one and think ABCDEFU is a typo. But there’s a new graphic that aims to give you back what you’ve been missing and tap into the wave of pandemic nostalgia.

Ah, the top of the pops…

It was indeed a simpler time – or the rose-tinted glasses seem to – when pop stars and bands lip-synced with huge hair and electric guitars that weren’t even plugged in and that viewers thought nothing of it, opting simply to enjoy the top 40 countdown.

Everything is so different now?

When the first charts were compiled in the 1950s by the New Musical Express, they called 24 record stores and noted their sales, but now the data comes from over 15,000 retailers, broken down by region, format and genre, with download sales added. in 2004 and in another graphical evolution, streaming added in 2014.

So who is number one?

As a Top of the Pops viewer, I had to look for this – Disney Encanto’s ‘We’re Not Talking About Bruno’ is at number one, with American teenage singer Gayle at number two with ‘ABCDEFU’.

So what’s the new chart?

It really is a new old graphic. DJ and presenter, Mike Read, 74, who is known for running Saturday Superstore and presenting on Top of the Pops and Radio 1 in the 1980s and early 1990s – hosts The Heritage Chart, which features new music of “heritage” artists.

At number one is…?

The latest chart puts British punk rock band The Members’ Bedistland in first place, with Paul Weller’s English Rose, a new take on a Jam classic, in second place. Other top 30 songs include new music from artists such as Chris de Burgh, with his new single Legacy, and Tears for Fears with their new song, No Small Thing; Tom Jones with Not Dark Yet and The Temptations with When We Were Kings.

Some well-known faces then?

The chart was launched in the summer of 2020, claiming it “gave voice to major artists who are still making great music”. It is now streaming online at with playbacks at and fans can vote online at both sites to choose their favorite tracks to make the chart.

And now?

Plans are underway to bring it to television. Read has now recorded a pilot of the show with pop star Limahl – of 1984’s Never Ending Story fame – for broadcast on local stations across the UK, saying: “Good songs are great songs and this is the culmination of 18 months work on the chart in general leading up to a trial run for TV If all works out and goes the show will be weekly… on about 15 local TV channels and maybe to be more.

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