Irish indie-pop group Modernlove. release the new video for “2 Missed Calls”


No, we’re not talking about the David Bowie song. We’re talking about the indie-pop group modern love. They’ve just hit the music scene with their June 2021 debut EP, which gave us a taste of their lineup and eccentricity. Now their new 6-track EP tells stories of the band’s teenage years, brought together with a variety of euphoric soundscapes and disco bops from The 1975. Today the band is focused on their debut single, “2 Missed Calls”. “.

The EP’s flagship track, “2 Missed Calls”, is a pleasant, dancing pop song with dark lyrical undertones. It details a guilt-laden love triangle through rattling guitar riffs, space synths, and mid-tempo drum beats. The accompanying video clip visualizes such a scenario at a neon-lit party, where a drunken stroll in regret ultimately meets a happy ending.

The band shared about their writing process, “‘2 Missed Calls’ was initially intended to be a more upbeat and heartwarming love song. As the track developed, the narrative grew. started to evolve into something less innocent and joyful. A lot of what we write is young love and the rush and madness that comes with it.

If you liked this track, now go listen to the band’s new full EP monochrome blue via Akira Records.

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