Ian Masters of Pale Saints & His Name is Alive Warren Defever has released a new ESP Summer LP (listen)


ESP summer, a.k.a Pale saintsIan Masters and his former label mate 4AD Warren Defever of Her name is alive, released some folk and ethereal psyche records in the late 90s. Then last year the project was relaunched with Kingdom of paradise, a Japan-only limited edition lap cutting disc that has now been released in a much more official capacity.

Inspired by the 13th Floor Elevators song of the same name, Kingdom of paradise starts off as a blanket but then spins in all kinds of weird and wonderful directions. If you’re a fan of Pale Saints or His Name is Alive, you’ll dig into the dark, ethereal textures that Masters and Defever explore here. You can listen to the whole thing and watch a short video below.

The album was released via the Disciples label which released Defever’s pre-HNIA recordings as All the Mirrors in This House in 2019. The packaging is lovely with the album pressed onto transparent vinyl and housed in a back-cut pouch with silver embossed kanji lettering. There is also an A2 fold-out poster insert: “a psychoactive full-color double-sided extravaganza designed by Alexander Tucker, an underground comic artist also renowned for his own solo recordings for labels such as Thrill Jockey and Alter, and his collaboration with Daniel O’Sullivan as Grumbling Fur. ” Order yours.

ESP Summer has released another EP, titled Home, last year, and you can also stream it below.

Masters and Defever also played a role in the Magic Roundabout album which was just released via Third Man.

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