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Ghanaian Afropop, dancehall and reggae artist, Stonebwoy has officially embarked on the next chapter of his career. Scrolling through the 34-year-old’s social media, one thing is clear: he’s been busy. Even finding time for interviews wasn’t the easiest to manage with his busy rehearsal schedule, endorsement obligations and travels.

Since May, Stonebwoy has been celebrating the conclusion of a major deal with Universal Music Group label divisions Def Jam and Def Jam Africa. According to a press release from the label, the signing aims to introduce his “eclectic sound and Ghanaian musical culture to new audiences around the world” and it also means spreading dancehall culture, the artist said in a recent interview with the gleaner.

“From now on the focus has been to represent Africa, Ghana, but specifically through the Jamaican style of dancehall and reggae with a lot of African style or Afrobeats music,” Stonebwoy explained.


He continued, “You know, our African roots run very broadly and the music is actually specific to different millions of tribes, that’s a lot. Thanks to the tone of voice of the artists, one can tell which tribe he or she comes from and therefore discover these traditional elements in their music. My family tribe and ethnicity is Ewue, I speak Ewue and have come from the Greater Congo tribe since ancient times… It’s a great conference even from the sounds and music.

After signing the deal and having a lucrative and fun European tour and his hit single TherapyStonebwoy has always managed to stand out as Ghana’s “beloved reggae-dancehall artist” and although some music critics may have different opinions, he maintains a catalog that can match any local artist in the Jamaica while remaining true to its roots.

“If you don’t stay true to the soul, you’re going to falter at some point. Once it is your truth that you are living, you can only get better and better. Affirmations are in your culture,” he said.

With Afrobeats’ success on the global charts and its practitioners receiving prestigious awards over the past three years, Stonebwoy explained, “I feel [not] a shame for what i do cause it’s all black music [so] I play a role – doing my duty as it’s meant to be – interconnecting all of our thousands of genres and generations together. It is God who keeps me grounded and sharp.

The Therapy single is an Afrobeats inspired track with a catchy pop beat produced by IzyBeats and it is doing well on most digital streaming platforms. It was said that the single became so ubiquitous in the local centers of the towns he visited that it looked like he hit the jackpot. Stonebwoy was one of the headliners at the City Splash Festival in London, the Summerjam Festival in Cologne and the Afrobeats Festival in Berlin, Germany, then on the main stage of the Uppsala Reggae Festival in Sweden, which also listed Etana, Konshens, Gentleman and Pressure Busspipe as featured. artists the same day. Prior to that, he wrapped up the US tour in March this year. It also hosted the world’s seventh staging of its Ashaiman Festival on Saturday September 3 at Saka Saka Park in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

He said: “It was like Capleton’s St Mary Mi Come From…about 50,000 people gathered in the park for positive music. We empower young people and let them know they can be successful men and women, no matter where they come from. It’s a free event, the other event I have, the BHIM concert we held last December and brought Beenie Man is a paid event.

Last Friday, the versatile entertainer and songwriter released a new song titled Gidigba, which translates from the Yoruba language as “firm and strong”. He begins by singing in the purest dancehall style “cause we nuh tek back chat” then begins the first verse by singing “Dem ah talk bout one love but dem never real like that”.

“It’s just that everyone knows each other and stays firm. The majority [of people] put fear in themselves or transfer their failures onto others where they use hatred and jealousy to bring others down. You see, self-affirmations are really important. Just assert yourself, that’s what I do, because you are already winners and conquerors,” Stonebwoy said.

The The most original The entertainer said he was out of Jamaica too long and planned to visit in November. He has collaborated and performed with many of Jamaica’s popular dancehall bands including Beenie Man, Sean Paul, Sizzla Kalonji, Khalia, Jahmiel, Vanessa Bling, Wayne Marshall, I-Octane and Chi Ching Ching among others.

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