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The fire burns, the image skulls make their way through your brain, crisp bass hits you in the chest – and then it’s all quiet. Is it the feeling of hell, purgatory or pure happiness? Is it all of this at the same time? This sound is none other than a Portland stoner rock band Hippie death cult.

They’re a more recent band, formed in 2018. They’ve since perfected their fuzzy, blues-infused rock that is reminiscent of bands like Black sabbath, Electrical assistant, Alice cooper and Sound garden. And while the past year has been a transformative year for many bands, it was especially true for Cult. “[Last year] was going to be the first year that we actually toured as a band. We have organized several tours in America, Canada and Europe which have all been canceled ”, explains the guitarist. Eddie Brnabic. “We had a lot of new tracks written, so we were planning on recording the new album between our touring stages that year. In the end, we couldn’t tour for obvious reasons, we have. so redirected our energy to recording the new album and looking for a label to release it. [bandmembers] Laura [Phillips], Ryan [Moore] and I also started working on writing new songs for the third album. We made the most of it and it has been a really productive year for us. ”

Everything went according to plan, as they signed up for Heavy Psych Records and released two new albums with the label – a feature film titled, Circle of days and a split with High Mower called Doom sessions volume 5. The group will now embark on a tour featuring the material they just released and more, and they are all set. “This will be our first real tour since the first one we did in 2019,” said Brnabic. “We were just starting to spin as all the COVID shutdown issues were falling off, so it was a challenge to try to properly launch this group in markets outside of our own premises. We’re so excited to finally be back on the road! You can see the Cult live and loud at The Triple Nickel Thursday October 7 with tour companions Sacred Death Trio and local rockers Dirty kings. Dirty Kings will also be hosting a special listening party for their new album. Crown jewel To The black sheep tonight (Wednesday, September 29).

Brnabic: “This will be our first real tour since the first one we did in 2019.”

The Black Sheep continues to roll with some great shows this week / weekend. Old Queensryche vocal overlord Geoff tate will present the classics “Rage for Order” and “Empire” on Thursday, September 30th. The next day, October 1, X103.9 will present The Maria – a mix of psychedelic and soul based in Los Angeles. On Sundays you can speed up a bit with the punk rock of The Menzinger, Broadway calls and Elway (The squad, not the two-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback and current car salesman.)

Apart from shows, bands always release music and some musicians release solo albums. It’s the case for Duncan Slack, who also performs with the local pop-punk group Why they fight. He just released a solo project under the nickname Report. Songs to help you is the new EP that was in the works for two years.

Songs to help you was written between 2018 and 2020 in different basements, living rooms, bedrooms and garages, ”says Slack. “I had wanted to release a record with this title for a while, but I hadn’t written any song that felt natural enough to be together on an EP.”

“Each song is a reflection of how I felt in my 20s,” he says, “and my intention is for the listener to understand that there is always a side where you end up overcoming struggles. emotional and grow from it. “

You can find Relate’s EP streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, and all other major online platforms.


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