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The juggernaut of the international label which is Global Golden Robot Entertainment continues to roll at a phenomenal rate, as it scours all corners of the earth to find the best new and established rock, metal, indie and punk bands for their flagship labels Golden Robot Records, Crusader Records, Pain & Butter Records, Riot Records and X-ray recordings.

With recent albums by the legendary Gilby clarke and LA Firearms, in the same way Cicada, Wild Street, VHF (Vinciguerra Hoekstra Franklin), as well as the next releases of Whores & Bang (Dizzy Reed from Guns’ N Roses and Alex Grossi from Quiet Riot), the rise of the Australian Hard Rockers Hunting rifle master, Denial act, King Zebra, ToxicPink, punk artist Keith cook and a limited edition blood red vinyl of Rose Tattoos classic Blood brothers album, Golden Robot is digging deeper and deeper into the market.

Global Golden Robot Entertainment breathes new life into the music scene and is extremely proud to announce a series of signings through their brands.

Farewell to Fear (United States)

Goodbye to fearwas born out of the huge black hole that mainstream rock radio left in the absence of super rock stars like Metallica , Alice in Chainsand Sound garden . The group revisits an era with big rock riffs, bigger choruses and huge hymns for a new generation of rockers. Their first full album New blood, produced by Brett Hestla(Creed, New dark day), spawned three incredible singles on Sirius XM’s Octane Channel, a rare feat for an unknown band. In addition to ranking them # 1 on Amazon’s Hot New Rock Singles chart and # 8 on the iTunes Rock chart, their debut album also garnered them direct support from Howard stern, including the rarest moments of Stern’s show… playing an entire song as opposed to the normal 20-second snippet he usually shares. This track, ‘Diamonds’ , recently eclipsed 2.4 million streams on Spotify.

Inspired by the resounding success of New blood, Goodbye to fear released themHeritageEP, ultimately allowing them to seamlessly merge their skills and styles to create heavy rock songs that punch the guts hard, while remaining melodic and delivering punchy lyrics hitting all scales and octaves. Goodbye to fearis set for an explosive 2022 and has already been invited to perform at the Rebel Rock Festival in Orlando, with Five Finger Death Punch, Bizkit box, I carry it , Dust of seven and much more!

Farewell to fear on Spotify

Witches’ Hour (Australia)

All teenagers, THE TIME OF THE CRIME committed to forming a band based on their shared passion for old school rock and started jamming in their garage. With the group’s first single “Lay You Down” Reaching # 1 on the Triple J Unearthed charts, the band realized that something special had come to fruition and they started taking their music to Australia.

They released two more singles, ‘Under my skin’ and ‘The ritual’ but it was their fourth single “Sleep with the stars” which has started to open bigger doors and receive a strong response across all platforms with spread to Australia, UK, Europe and USA. The song was selected by Alice cooperto appear in its subscribed radio program worldwide, ‘Nights with Alice Cooper’ . In 2021, The time of the crimecontinued to evolve by transforming their line-up, with as a founding member singer, guitarist and songwriter Taime Marshes, recruiting a highly acclaimed young bassist, Mitch teppo, and rhythm guitarist Travis South , (that of Taime lifelong friend). Young Superstar Drummer Jagger Alexander – Erber of Childrenreplace drums until a permanent drummer is found. Rehearsals are underway for their long-awaited Australian tour and coincide with the release of their fifth single ‘GEN Z’ .

The witches' hour press stroke

Witch Hour on Spotify

Leadfinger (Australia)

The name LEADERwas originally a pen name for the songwriter / guitarist / hero of the downtrodden of the band etc. Stewart ‘Leadfinger’ Cunningham. After practicing his profession as a guitarist-slinger at the end of the 80s with the seminal pre-grunge of Wollongong Proton energy pills , Cunninghamin Sydney to play in underground guitar bands – Brother Brick , Asteroid B-612 and Challenger-7– as well as a passage to Melbourne with The Yes-Men .

After having formed LEADER in 2006, as a solo project, it morphed into a two guitar rock n ‘roll band that released their 5th album, Friday night hero, in July 2016 and on tour in Europe in October 2017. LEADER tap into the deep veins of rock ‘n’ roll, stretching back through the rock and punk eras of the 70s, to classic Stones and Dylan records of the 60s and beyond.

Press stroke with the lead finger

Leadfinger on Spotify

Calvacade (United Kingdom)

CAVALCADE are a quartet from east London who are currently making waves with their version of jaw-dropping indie rock and roll. Packing the halls of the capital with their live electric shows, they proved that the Cavalcade trip is to watch.

Cavalcade consist of Connor duggan (Vocals / Guitar), Jack campbell (Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals), Tom nunn (bass), and Steve norris (Drums). Although they started writing and recording a song they could cherish forever, it’s safe to say that the band’s success has snowballed since their inception in 2017. Taking their music from the pubs Locals from London to the Isle of Wight festival, to venues across the UK and even overseas to Gibraltar and Spain – word of the band’s catchy songs and vigorous concerts has spread throughout international level.

Cavalcade Press Shot

Calvacade on Spotify

Hunting (United Kingdom)

Originally from the rebellious city of Nottingham, UK, THE HUNT merge brit-pop nonchalance with killer ’60s choruses and arena-sized rock and roll to make a truly unique sound. The huntjoined several British contemporaries in signing a deal with a burgeoning global rock label Golden Robot Records .

2021 was nonstop for the group with appearances on the This feeling Great in 2021 exclusive vinyl release, The festival of the great escapeand a recording contract with Golden Robot Records , which makes it a force to be reckoned with. Considered one of the most exciting bands in the UK, The huntare about to embark on their very first tour in August 2021. Supported by personalities like This feeling, Scotts Men’s Clothing , Liam Gallagher and an army of rowdy fans, The hunt have been crowned to watch in 2021 and beyond.

The Chase press stroke

The Hunt on Spotify

Honey Motel (United Kingdom)

As uncut gems of Liverpool’s music scene, HONEY MOTELbrings a whirlwind of free spirit to the industry with their infectious melodies and euphoric choruses, accompanied by lyrics full of power, angst and uncertainty. All of this still comes with authentic Mersey charm.

Composed of Matthew Walker, Sam meredith , Jack hughesand Paul ‘Pablo’ Robinson , Honey Motel– is. September 2020 – have since exploded into their realm with their dynamic indie sound and eccentric energy. Reminiscent of indelible late-night antics, their signature sound takes on a skilful blend of classic indie rock, synth-pop and ’80s soul influence, producing DNA that is unmistakably Honey Motel .

Honey Motel Press Shot

Honey Motel on Spotify

Johnny Nasty Boots (Mexico)

WICKED JOHNNY BOOTS is a power trio that reminds us of those bands from the 60s and 70s, while making rock music for their generation. Much like their favorite bands have done, they take rock roots seriously, diving deep into blues, jazz and rock & roll, adding a modern sound of their own to the mix. To this day, they are one of the leading rock groups in Mexico.

Their first album was recorded at Sound Ranch(Texas), under the production of the Grammy Award-winning Yunuen Viveros , and mastered at Vlado Mellerthrough Jeremy Lubsey. 6 singles are from their first album Johnny nasty boots (2017), as well as their live album Hollywood Affair / Live at the Whiskey a Go Go, which was recorded at the iconic venue during their 2019 tour. The band is currently working on new music with the producer Pablo Valero, former member of the legendary Mexican rock band Saint Sabina .

Johnny Nasty Boots Press Shot

Johnny Nasty Boots on Spotify

Assassins (Australia)

From 1981 to 1989, ASSASSINS honed their skills around the Melbourne pub scene, developing their distinctive rock side. It wasn’t until 2015 that Craig, Andrew and Eddie’s paths crossed by chance and Assassins sparked a new beginning.

Assassins the music has been described as an honest and exuberant “wall of guitar sounds” with a proto-punk rhythm section. The voice rests on the shoulders of sound, with lyrics inspired by lived experiences and the ebb and flow of life. It is with this just fervor that Assassinsreceive enthusiastic reviews, both among their grassroots communities, live and online. Test the waters on Soundcloud with Trust Track ‘Time away’ , saw the song receive nearly 5,000 plays in less than two months. A commendable feat for a group that returned to the fold thirty years later.

Press stroke of the assassins

Assassins on Spotify

Poison Boys (United States)

Depending on who you talk to, rock and roll is dying out, evolving, or resuming. In the case of POISON BOYS from Chicago, they breathe new life into the genre and keep it as punk as possible. Staying true to the sounds of protopunk bands from the late ’60s and early’ 70s like theStooges, New York dolls, and Flaming grooves, and mixing them with New York and British punk bands from the late 1970s like Heart breakers, Dead boys, Vibrators , and Slaughter andDogs , with a little The rocks of Hanoiglam for good measure, the band is a breath of fresh air in today’s punk and rock’n’roll scene.

With their current singer / guitarist line-up Matt Dudzik, guitarist Steve elfinger, bass player Nico bones, and drummer Matt Chaney , Poisoned boys clearly aren’t slowing down anytime soon, having released singles and music videos for their upcoming album Don’t turn me on, (‘Nothing But Darkness’, ‘Dick in the Dirt’, ‘Can’t Get You Out of My Mind’).

Poison Boys Press Shot

Poison Boys on Spotify

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