Godcaster Announces New EP “Saltergasp”, Shares Debut Single “Hecky Skelters”


FLOOD | Godcaster Announces New EP “Saltergasp”, Shares Debut Single “Hecky Skelters”


The New York-based punk ensemble’s latest project arrives on November 5 via Ramp Local.

“Hecky Skelters”, the latest single from “Hecky Skelters”, collapses maniacally between our insatiable post-quarantine taste for live music and the “new normal” of rock music that sees bands like Black Midi and Squid renegotiate the gender standards. Godcaster and an introduction to the latest collection of songs from the East Coast punks, Sea buckthorn. The EP is preceded by the same exuberant sounds that fueled last year Long-haired locusts with a bit of the wobbly appeal of this swapped version for a lo-fi charm in the basement.

There’s still a lot of playful energy built into the chaos, however, with the layered post-punk vocals and uncontained guitars invoking the same kind of over-the-top stage presence mastered by bands like The Armed. There’s also this song title, which reads like a four-year-old’s introduction to Charles Manson. “Hecky is the nickname of [vocalist Von Kolk]is the former roommate, ”explains the group. Type of. “The song is a frenzied relay to the loudest sound. “

Hear the frenzy below and expect Saltergrasp release November 5th – pre-order it here.

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