Go Go Rise final concert celebrates women in punk rock, commemorates late singer

Bold, daring, daring – tempered with rare, genuine warmth and irresistible enthusiasm, punk musician Mei was known for infusing her music with a brassy sheen that lingered with her listeners. Mei’s character, like her music, will live in this space after her sudden hospitalization last May that resulted in her death at the age of 38.

Look at the sky without a word
We can grow bravely, no need to be afraid
Look to the sky and release your hands Grab your dreams and head for the rainbow
– From “Watching the sky without words”, Come on, go up

Mei, who was a talented lyricist, filled her verses with encouraging messages, urging her audience to pursue her dreams and live her life aloud, which she embodied in a T.

She founded the group Come on, go up, which rose to prominence in independent circles in Taiwan with almost lightning speed. In 2019, they toured Japan extensively and showed their mettle alongside big hitters like Emerging From The Cocoon and Roadside Inn. They were presented by in a campaign, which showcased their unique sound, combining brass and punk rock for a ska-inspired groove that breathed new life into the local music scene.

As a person, Mei was a brilliant presence wherever she went.

Despite the challenges of supporting herself and her family in a rigid societal system that underestimates the creativity and contributions of women in the workforce, friends and family remember her sunny character and her his optimistic nature. “We hope to commemorate the warmth she transmitted to the many people she touched,” the group noted in a private interview. “She was the heart and soul of the band.”

Besides being the frontwoman and the driving force behind Come on, go up, Mei was a woman of many talents, performing with other bands in various venues around Taipei and working odd jobs to support her creative pursuits. She is also a co-owner of a brand of “Baby Juice”, which has toured music festivals and celebrations of all kinds across the country.

She is fondly remembered as a radiant and uplifting spirit to those around her. David Frazier, founder and program director of Urban Nomad, said: “If there was one person I always looked forward to seeing at every festival […] it was Mei. She was all smiles, totally contagious to everyone around her.


Photo credit: courtesy of Urban Nomad Freakout Music Festival

Mei at her Baby Juice booth.

“[We] he will miss her. But this is how I will always remember her, with a big smile on her face and making everyone around her happy.

The entertainment news site News from the stars that the singer was hospitalized on May 2 and died on May 15, after successfully performing an organ donation. The band’s social media pages at the time were filled with good wishes from fans and fellow musicians, including the Taiwanese band’s bassist. .

It was during Mei’s hospitalization that the group was informed that they had received a from the Ministry of Culture to support the production of their latest album.

To bid farewell to their fans, Come on, go up will bring together a variety of female singers from the punk and indie music scene, including singer , Come on, go up producer Elisa, singer-songwriter Airy and Popcorn Band singers and current full-time mother .

All four discussed Mei’s legacy in social posts announcing the concert.

I believe Mei left behind what she wanted to say in Come on, go upsongs from. The love and warmth of his music is his gift to us, uplifting our souls from sorrow to courage. -Chagi

“I am honored to be the producer of Come on, go up, and for the opportunity to get to know Mei’s work and each member of the band. Make music with Come on, go up is a part of my life that I will never forget. -Elisa

“We lived the beginning together. We have changed and grown together. And we came out of the trenches together. It has been an honor to have met you in this lifetime, and we will meet again in music. -Airy

“Thank you for your support and hard work in sharing this music with everyone. I will listen Come on, go up until I was 80! -Anny

Concert Information

Saturday, November 27, 2021
Doors open at 6:00 p.m.
Riverside Live House, No 177, Xining Rd, Wanhua District, Taipei City, 108

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