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It’s not often that we watch an animated movie about Miami! But, with Gloria Estefan and Lin-Manuel Miranda teaming up for the new musical “Vivo”, you know there’s going to be SoFlo flair! Alex Miranda, who reverts to his Miami accent when he leaves the set, has the story.

Music lives forever and love never dies. Well, unless you’re talking about that song, “Who Let The Dogs Out”, or that guy who dumped me at PF Chang’s during aperitifs.

Fortunately, “Vivo” features some of our favorite Latin singers, who are hoping the soundtrack will be filled with future classics.

Juan de Marcos González (as Andrés (voice)): “Come down from the tree. You can stay with me. “

Lin-Manuel Miranda is back …

Juan de Marcos González (as Andrés (voice)): “Are you ready, Vivo?”

Like this adorable little thing!

Child: “Can I stroke it? “

Lin-Manuel Miranda (as Vivo (voice)): “No.”

Ynairaly Simo (as Gabi (voice)): “Go to town. Her name is Vivo. She’s a possum.

Lin-Manuel Miranda (as Vivo (voice)): “Hey?”

No, no, no, he’s a kinkajou in the new animated movie “Vivo”, but Lin doesn’t just act like the rainforest honey bear, he also sings and scripts the new animated musical. .

Lin-Manuel Miranda: “It’s really a love letter to the two things, I think, that live on forever: music and love, and how much the same.

Vivo is adopted by a Cuban musician in Havana. Together, they form an indestructible and musical bond.

Lin-Manuel Miranda (as Vivo (voice)): “When it comes to music, Andrés and I have become so in sync.”

Gloria Estefan plays the role of Marta Sandoval.

Gloria Estefan: “When my grandson saw the movie, he said: ‘It’s Gloria Cruz!’ Like, Celia and I got mixed up.

A long-lost secret love from Andrés, who rose to fame and fortune as a singer in Miami.

Gloria Estefan: “I am Cuban American, and this story of lost love and separation that we have all lived and lived is very close and dear to my heart.”

The former flame sends her an invitation decades later to join her for her last performance in Miami.

Zoe Saldana (as Rosa): “A love lives forever in your heart.”

Awww! And let’s talk about the perfect casting!

Lin-Manuel Miranda: “We were looking for Cuban royalty, and you are no more royal than Gloria.”

But, when Andrés says that Vivo Marta was the love of his life, and he even wrote a song for her…

Lin-Manuel Miranda: “It becomes Vivo’s mission to deliver this song in time for the closing concert. “

Will they fall in love again? find out in “Vivo”, now streaming on Netflix.

The Kinkajous are not originally from Cuba, in case you were wondering, and a funny anecdote: Lin-Manuel started creating “Vivo” before the days of “Hamilton”.

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